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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 54

    My uncle first touched me when i was so young i didnt know but as he was always around he would babysit sometimes and we played games and it was our secret and when he baby sat bath times were different, he always washed me and spent ages around my cock and arse hole although i always washed myself other times and he took lots of time as he dried and talked my bits, i dont actually remember a time when i wasnt in a odd situation, sometimes i stopped at his if it was easier due to parents work shifts. but he was mum 's brother so who better, it had started if i remember right with me sitting on his knee and from there sitting on his lap and feeling him as he bounced me up and down in full view but without anyone as far as i knew realizing. and i remember a big cusion being put infront of me so i held it as i felt his hand on me both on my little cock and on my bum and him putting my hand on him.and feeling it get bigger. well one night at his i went for a shower and after i finished he had one but he was quick and walked into the room i was staying in , i was still in a towel so was he he said to me that i had always been his and always would be i knew that didnt i, that i was his and he was mine, i said yes uncle not understanding and then he pulled me onto the bed with him, i said wooo but he told me it was so we could talk in private as we do and said you know you like it when we talk dont you and i said yes.
    and then he played like usual but then he was playing with mine and had my hand on his making me ply with it, he said now is the time to make our secret extra special and more secret is that ok , i said yes if you say so, and he turned me on my stomach and played with my back and bum and through the split in my cheeks till he got to my cock,and was playing with my cck and balls and then swapping to my arse and around my hole running his finger around the out side of it and spitting on his fingers so he slid and stroked my hole with ease and gave me my first hand job , it was odd but felt wrong but good then he rolled over so he was above me and lifted me up by the hips onto my knees, he got behind me and i felt my hole being pushed by something and then my arse felt like something huge had got in it, and that was his cock pushing past my tight hole till it was in and once i had accepted that, head or first bit in me , he pushed more in and and then fucked me, and after agreed not to say and that wa the first, but not the last, i promised not to tell about it and did think if i did i would get blamed, so uncle showed me things and i said nothing to anyone, but after a while uncles friends would sometimes say things that made me think they knew, but i didnt care if they did not a bit they would not say coz how did they know and he was their mate, so my uncle was abusing me for sex every chance he got. Mum had not a clue and i dint want her to know, he had bounced me up and down on his lap and shoved his hard on against my arse as we all sat watching tv. then took my arse first at his then anywhere, but i decided that as it was nothing to me just coz he was getting me free , i may as well do the same to others but for money and so i did. when i was right in the mind about it, and knowing that doing this wasnt for pleasure it was so he would know he never owned me, so then when one of his friends said a remark instead of worrying i would answer back, like once at a barbeque when i was in the bathroom peeing and one his mates just came in saying sorry got to go and stood next to me as i was peeing and looked at mine and said my thats a little cock, one day if your lucky you will have a big cock this big and turned to show me his , so i said yes i could have a cock that big one day but why wait so if you pay enough that might be tonight , and walked away. he grabbed hold of me later and said what did you mean in the bathroom coz saying things like that are not funny you know, some people might take you serious and that could get you in trouble, so i said to him i meant it as long as my mum and uncle never know ,i meant it, then as i was just doing this to prove they were all c**ts and to see how much money i could get i smiled at him and said softly so how much will you pay to fuck a boys arse and know if you want it and pay it can be just the same as it was when it was a virgin, so what would you want to do to a young boy if you could do anything, if its secret you can have what, just incase you decide you do want to see if i am telling the truth my mum will go to bed when we get home and sleep , my uncle is not at ours tonight just me and her so i can sneak out and meet you or you sneak in but pay first, he said sneak out so i did, and he paid me and he was only the second man who had me, i met him in the night late at the entrance to the park and coz he paid lots he got sex and a bj with swallow and saying what boy he wanted to meet and what he wanted the boy to do he got his wish down the park in the bushes and on the slide all for me to tell my uncle all about it when time right after that i did it many times for payment, my uncle kept doing what some uncles do , and i kept letting his mates pay to have a turn, i did it so when it was time i would tell my uncle about how many i let not just him and thought well if i am going to may as well make some money and did lots of money tbh, i only did it for the money in the end i had done enough to drive uncle mad and make him feel shit in not so long , i started about nearly 9 months after him that time, and afer the first one it was esay , all uncles mates got to hear and none spoke about it, but all booked and after so many i had got enough for the purpose of destroying him, but as he was still able to blackmail me to let him or go to his it was not time to tell him, so just for money i carried on and met grown men where they said and had sex with them and did a good job for them. i got the name if you pay and ask you get, i wanted so much for my uncle to know, i was ready to do anything that was asked so i could tell him as he was always just sex and just a bj, i wanted someone to say they wanted something disgusting so i could say ok , and do it, eventually it was time to get away from him so i said to him that i wanted to meet him in the park in the bushes that we went to once and had a suprise for him and said a time and i was there being spit roasted by two of his mates me stark naked and on all fours with both ends filled and him standidng there in disbalife . they stopped and got off so i said oops forgot you was coming but not to worry uncle ifits ok can they finish as they have paid good money for this , he didnt seam to pleased ha, but later when i told him not to ever come near me again , and it was done with him, i did tell him about everyone of his mates and after it stopped being for revenge it started being for the money, and i didnt mind it was a job, and i was good at it

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