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    Straight Male / 20

    My name is Corey, I live in southern part of the UK and for the last few weeks during the hot weather, I've discovered a new sexual pleasure for myself. I have a large penis, a really large penis, which when the weathers hot feels uncomfortable when wearing boxers. So during the hot spell, I'd taken to wearing just loose shorts. Only I soon discovered or the women who saw my cock did, they could see my cock poking out of the left leg of my shorts. I swear it was purely an accident the first time I caught a woman in a park looking up my shorts and touching herself. We were both lay on the grass close to the lake, and she was definitely getting turned on by being able to see my dick. At first I got a little conscious of her being able to see my cock, which after a few seconds I realized that's what she was staring at. But the more she looked and touched herself, the more I got turned on and my cock grew, exposing more of its length to her. Eventually with my dick so hard and straining I had to move. She looked directly at me, smiled and then got up to go. That afternoon I tossed myself off at home and thought about her looking at my cock as I wanked.
    The following day I went to the same spot, only I rolled the hem of my left leg futher up and enabling anyone who wanted to see my cock, could do so. Angling myself so a pair of girls my age could view it, I made out I was reading and sending texts on my phone. Every so often though, I'd look over and see them looking up my shorts and discussing what they could see. It got me hard and instead of doing what i did the day before, go home, I looked at them stroked my cock and watched their reaction. Both girls looked away at first, but then got bolder and bolder. The blonde one got up, walked over and sat by me. She told me her name and then asked me if she could touch it. Moving around so only she was able to see and touch it if she wanted to, I let her slide her hand up the loose fitting left leg of my shorts and grip my cock. She instantly said "Wow" and then began to stroke it for me. Seconds later her friend joined us and she kind of shielded us from any prying eyes. I genuinely thought they were going to take turns playing with my cock, but the second girl turned to her friend and said "Go on, no one can see you now". Ducking her head, at the same time moving my shorts hem upwards, she sucked in my cock ans began to blow me. She could only get around four inches of my cock into her mouth as the cloth stopped her from getting more in, but it was more than enough to have me arching back with the pleasure she was giving me.
    Unfortunately before I could cum, he friend said "Shit, it's Brad" and they both moved quickly sitting in front of me. Moments later they were up and walking towards a big guy whow as walking along the pathway. He smiled at them looked at me and then walked with the girls. The blonde one looked back once they'd passed, put her fingers to her mouth and blew me a kiss.
    I went back the following day, but the girls didn't show up.
    Three days later sat a low wall outside doctors surgery (I was waiting for a my uncle) a woman walked out, looked down and stopped, I'd totally forgotten as I sat with my phone in my hand, the position I was in would have given her an excellent view down my shorts leg. As I looked at her she said "That's pretty impressive, love to feel that thing between my legs". I looked at her properly then and found myself looking at a really good looking older woman. She smiled again, opened her bag and scribbled something down on a piece of paper. Passing me it she said "I live across from the library, text me and we'll see if you can use that THING of yours". I blushed so red, I thought my head would explode. Seconds later as she walked away, my uncle walked out and asked me what Jenny had said to me. Asking him who she was, he told me she's the bar maid at a local of ours, and then said all the men have tried to get into her knickers. Only she's married to a real nutter and he doesn't take too kindly to guys fucking his wife.
    That night I fucked my girlfriend, but couldn't get the older womans face out of my mind. I actually called my girlfriend Jenny as I was fucking her from behind, but she missed it.
    In the morning after showering, i saw the piece of paper in my phone casing and just did it. I text Jenny and asked her if she was free. Her response was to text back "126 BLAH BLAH road, half an hour".

    I will follow up with what happened with Jenny, and also what else I've done with my new found love of exposing myself somewhat. But I'll see what reaction I get from this first. This isn't bullshit or a story, it's genuine and I'm so overwhelmed by just how much sex it's lead to.

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