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  • — When I Was a Kid —
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    For my thirteenth birthday my parents gave me permission to bring a friend with me to the beach that year. We were school friends and rode bikes together. We got the one room with two single beds on the second floor. On the first night we were there, when we were unpacking he showed me some magazines he had brought. They only had naked men in them, some oral pictures and a couple of anal sex pictures. All the men were fit and clean shaven. We went through all of the magazines that night, late into the night. We got hard and managed to masturbate and achieve ejaculation. He ran his finger through the semen on the sheet and put his finger to my mouth to taste. We slept naked that night and woke up and looked at the magazines some more before going downstairs for breakfast.

    On the beach during the day we swam, played catch, had a picnic lunch, watched the other kids play, and we lay beside each other on our beach towels and talked about the magazines. I got an erection laying on the sand. That night after we went to bed, we got naked again and pulled out the magazines and went through them, running our fingers over the penises, some erect and some not, we showed each other our erect penises and he offered to suck me. I let him and then asked him to let me suck him. It was hard to know which was better, being sucked or sucking. We sucked and played with out penises until we managed to ejaculate and used our fingers to lick up the sperm on our stomachs. That night we slept in the same bed, totally naked.

    Our routine was the same, we woke up, went through the magazines again, got in the shower together and played with our penises, sucked each other, played like we were fucking, we dried each others penis with the towel, we got on our swim trunks, went down for breakfast and went on with the day's activities, waiting for nightfall, after dinner to go back upstairs and play with our penises. We got better at what we were doing, ejaculating on each other and licking up each other's sperm, sucking and sucking and sucking. Sleeping naked and getting my rear end up against him and feeling his erection against me. He put his erection up against my anus and I put my erection up against his anus, but the truth is that I wanted him to fuck me.

    We tried, but we were not successful, I had to settle for the feeling of his erect penis on me. It was very frustrating, it wasn't the same anymore. I licked his anus and used my hand to jerk on him and he ejaculated onto the sheets, which I promptly licked up. We were on day three and we wee trying to fuck. We focused on the pictures of the two guys having anal sex and imitated them, but we just could not get his penis to go in.

    We spent the last night we were there laying naked under the covers, with our penises in each other's hand, we were face to face so we kissed and then we sucked each other and he got on top of me using my butt crack he humped me until he ejaculated all over my back. I couldn't reach his sperm on my back so he picked it up with his finger and gave it to me lick up. Later that night I humped up against his leg, feeling his penis against my side, until I ejaculated on his leg, he licked it up using his finger and we went to sleep. When my mother woke us up the last morning, we had to get up early so that we could leave, she never said anything about finding us in bed together, and good thing she didn't look under the covers because we were both naked.

    We went back home and it was a couple of months before he spoke to an older boy and he was told that we needed to use something to lubricate me to fuck. We used Vaseline which everyone had around the house in those days and it worked and we fucked from them on. He was my first boyfriend, and we broke the barriers together. The magazines he had found at his uncle's house, and he kept an eye out for new ones that got put out in the garage and when a new one came we would suck and fuck to the pictures. By then we had our routines down.

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    Had the same experiences with my best friend at about the same age as you were. I will never forget the first time we got naked and jacked each other off. It was at my house after school while my parents were at work. It was very hot and exciting and the very next afternoon we sucked each other off and it felt too good to stop so I let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. He wanted to suck my dick and he did and swallowed my cum too. We sucked each other off again that afternoon and we both swallowed again.
    For weeks we sucked each other off so much we got hooked on it and we liked being naked together so I got him to lay on top of me and hump my ass with his hard dick and he came on my back then told me he wished he could fuck me to see how it felt.
    I was all for it because the whole time he was humping on my ass I wanted to tell him to stick his dick in me. Using the cum he shot on my back for lube he managed to get his dick in my ass then put it all the way in and he fucked me good and when he said he was going to cum I quickly told him to cum in me and he did. Damn what a feeling and having my best friends dick in me really felt good and he fucked me a second time without pulling out and he went for a very long time then came up my asshole again.
    Every day for weeks he fucked my ass as much as he could and came in me every time. Every day after school we hurried to my house so he could fuck my ass and cum in me and it was the best feeling ever when he put his warm cum in my ass and I would almost beg t be fucked and feel him cum in my asshole
    He fucked me for several years and I was always very anxious to take his hard dick in my ass and it felt very good to be fucked and take his cum in my ass. Once we got old enough to drive we had a lot of different places to go to so we could fuck and we fucked outdoors a lot and late at night in the woods and in old vacant houses barns in the bed of my pickup and at each others house when the parents were gone.
    On weekends when his parents or mine went out of town it was nothing but sucking and fucking for days and we never put any clothes on. As we got older we tried many different things together and he liked to tie me up naked and fuck me in the ass so I let him do it all the time. I liked having his cum in my ass so I was always ready to get fucked and he liked sticking different things up my ass and fucking me on my back while he sucked my dick and that always felt good.
    He came up with this wild ass idea to put peanut butter in my ass and with me on my hands and knees he got his big dog to lick my asshole while he knelt in front of me and fucked my mouth. It felt great and we tried it several times after that. One of the wildest thing we ever did was spend most of the day in this old barn on a rainy day naked doing things I never thought we would ever do and it was hot and very kinky a little nasty but wild!
    Eventually all good things come to an end and we drifted apart but all my life I have continued to enjoy anal sex and anal penetration with every thing you could imagine stuck up my ass and I like to fuck myself deep and hard in the ass and shoot a big load then lick it up with what ever I used still deep in my asshole. I have a pretty big dick and I am able to fuck myself in the ass and can get a little more than the head of my dick in my own mouth so I enjoy fucking my ass with my dick and like to cum in my own asshole and sometimes suck myself off several times a day.
    There have been a few times over the years using sex sites I have actually met a select few men that I let fuck my ass. I am very selective and like only White or Hispanic men with huge dicks that are married. Nothing feels as good as being face down naked with a naked very well hung married man on top of me pounding my ass and putting a big thick hot load or two balls deep in my ass. I love to be fucked but like I said I am very careful and selective.

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