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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Not overly sure now why I went around to his home that day. What I do know is, it has changed my life and I think/know it's for the better.
    I was seventeen, cock sure of myself and very angry individual. I genuinely thought I could beat anyone who wanted to fight me. And as a physical specimen I had few who matched my body and or my cock size.
    The one person who still "worded me up" (A dickhead phrase I used back then) was my uncle Joe. He was and still is a very fit and active guy. He's ex forces and very much a mans man. Still, I was taller and knew I could take him if I wanted to. That's what I thought anyway.
    We got into an argument over something I'd said to his sister, my mother, then I'd struck her (I still to this day hate myself for that) and he wasn't best pleased. I'd been at his home half an hour when my mom had phoned him, and straight away he was on my case, trying to word me up. I told him where to go and then punched him as he tried to stop me from leaving.
    He hit the floor, but he was up in a flash and then my head spun. I'd been hit lots of times in the past, but never had anyone made me fly through the air. When I hit the deck, crashing through his coffee table, all the air in my lungs left me and I was left dazed and feeling totally out of it. I felt blood flowing from my nose and my mouth and knew instantly my nose was broken.
    Kneeling over me, he put his hand to my face and "Click" my nose was somewhat straightened. It hurt like a bitch and brought me out of my daze. Trying to hit him, he spun me around and held me there.
    I was bigger than him, I should have been able to easily throw him, I had in the past with other bigger, so called stronger men. But he was far too strong for me, so I tried to reverse head butt him. That's when his words cut me to the core.
    "You've been a bitch with my sister, your being a bitch with me now, so lets make you a bitch".
    My shorts were down in seconds, and seconds later my asshole was filled with pain. Pain the like of which I'd never experienced in my life. I tried, I genuinely tried to get up, but I was pinned and there was no going anywhere. Joe began to thrust into me and my mind finally said "You're being fucked, you're actually being fucked".
    It was such a shock to have my uncle fucking me, I laid there looking at his front room carpet and listened to his grunts as his cock buried itself up my ass.
    Then in an instant my sexual light came on. That's how I describe the moments my asshole switched from pain, to numbness, to pure and utter pleasure. I went from a young thug who thought the world owed him everything, to a guy who's asshole was being given the beautiful joy of gay sex, and I immediately embraced it.
    Al of my anger, all of my life's little frustrations left me at that time and I found myself easing backwards onto Joe's cock. He felt my acceptance and knew himself I was like a broken horse.
    Pulling me up so I was kneeling, he put his hands onto my hips and then rhythmically fucked me for the next ten minutes. My mind had gone into a place I'd never reached in my life up to then, and that was pure ecstacy. Not the trivial crap I'd gained from smoking pot or even beating someone up, but the very real joy of having a man give me his cock and drive home his sexual needs up my asshole.
    I gave myself completely to him. Telling my uncle at one point I was going to cum. His response was to fuck me harder and grip my hair, pulling my head back. As soon as my cock spewed out its milky contents, sending me wild with the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, my uncle Joe rammed his cock so deep up my asshole, I felt the tip of his cock enter my stomach. He shouted out loud he was cumming, then I felt his hot liquid fill my insides.
    Settling down onto my back, he put his mouth to my ear and said "Your my bitch from now on". Raising up then slapping me hard across the back of my head "He put his mouth back to my ear and added "Don't you ever touch her again".
    I never have, and I've sincerely regretted striking my mom ever since. Joe invited me into his home two days later when I text him to say I wanted to call by.
    There was no need to force himself on me the second time, or anytime after that. My uncle taught me a few lessons that day. One of which was never to raise your hands to your parent/s. Another was, true understanding of who you are and acceptance of your sexuality, is the only way to control the anger or hate within.
    I now live with my uncle Joe, not as uncle and nephew, but as lovers. And in a very real way, he's been the rock who my life's gone forward from.

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    Reading your confessions was like listening to a friend who had the same first time orgasmic experience. He was a 39 year old self-made millionaire who was arrogant, cocky, self-confident, good looking, a pussy magnant and an unethical businessman. Sadly he got into trouble and was sentenced to 2 years in Federal Prison. When he was r**ed the second night in prison he said, the intense pain turned to nubmbess and then pure estacy/pleasure and he blew a load without touching himself. He said that orgasm was so intense his entire body jerked, quivered, shook, he was gasping for breath and he almost passed out. It said it was like a electrical current running from the solesof his feet up the back of his legs, back to his head. He came home to his wife and kids and has hooked with several bi married men who plow his jock ass c**t.
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    Rape shouldn't be a punishment for anything.

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