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    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    In 1974 I was a fresh college graduate with a degree in Art Appreciation and hoped to teach. I was gay, a lesbian and I had been with a couple of girls in college. I was all appetite. I met this girl, she was twenty and she was working for her family's business and she was gay, and she had an appetite and we got together and went for it. We were hungry, or horny I suppose, we crawled all over each other and got our noses into each other's most intimate business.

    But the reality of the situation was that we couldn't come out at that time, I was teaching school and a lesbian teacher would be fired on the spot, and she feared rejection by her family. We snuck off, on the grounds that we enjoyed art together and we went to the museum and got a hand in here and there and a kiss in here and there, and with a lot of luck got back into bed and didn't want to leave. Her cousin started to pick up on us, he was the manager of the production department of the business and he confronted her and told her that he knew what we were doing. She was devastated and scared. He told her wanted to meet me.

    He accused me of being a lesbian, and he told me that I needed to leave his cousin alone. If I wanted to ruin my life that was my business but that he wanted me to leave his cousin alone. At that time that is the way it was, and he was the older male cousin and she wasn't going to cross him. She went into a depression and he couldn't talk her out of it. She convinced him that I hadn't made her gay, she had always liked girls and gave him a couple of names of girls from school that she had messed around with, both were studying abroad at that time. He got us together and told me that he would allow it, and help us, but only if I agreed to go to bed with him. That was it, if he could fuck me then I could fuck his cousin, but he had to fuck me first.

    The idea of getting fucked turned me off. I had never come close to anything like that, I had never even seen a real penis and no man had ever seen my pussy. But the rule was simple, let him fuck me and I could continue to fuck his cousin. To fuck me he took us to this motel out of town. Inside the room he took his penis out and told me to get my pants off. I lay back on the bed and he got over me and fucked me. It was quick but it was complete, he ejaculated and told me I had a tight pussy. He told his cousin he wanted to see her eat my pussy, if she didn't want me pregnant she better suck out his sperm.

    We got dressed, he told us how it was going to work. I fucked him and after I fucked him she and I could get together. He wanted to watch and if he saw an open pussy he wanted to fuck. He fucked his cousin two weeks later. But he fucked me every time. He made me kiss him, and he made me suck his penis. He sucked my pussy. He sucked his cousin's pussy. And he fucked her too. We always went to the same motel. He would ask for the same room. We started by me sucking his penis and then he would fuck me and it was her job to suck his sperm out. While she had her face in me he fingered her and sometimes fucked her too. We sucked his penis and we all got naked together and had an hour or two of sex. He really liked fucking his cousin and she didn't mind. I liked it when he fucked me too.

    In 1976, two years after we had started our motel meetings he told me he wanted me to marry him. He was tired of not having me sleep with him and he needed pussy at night too. If I married him he would get me a maid, but he expected me to cook he didn't like maid cooking. Being married was going to make things a lot easier for us, my job didn't look well on single teachers, by then I was going to turn 25, so we got married. His cousin was 22 and she was facing the same problem of being single. We thought of who she could marry but we never came up with someone. The idea of being with another man was hard on her and she flatly refused. She did her job and remained a spinster, one of those girls who was never able to find a man. In the meantime we could all three spend the night together, have sex until whatever hour we wanted, we had exhausted all the freaky things to do, and he wanted me to give him sex and sleep with him. I slept up beside him and his cousin slept up beside me. He made love to me and he made love to his cousin. And she and I made love. We said make love when we had missionary sex, lots of kissing and caressing and asking him to get on us and make us happy. We wanted to be happy and missionary sex made us happy.

    Our arrangement has lasted a lifetime. His cousin, the poor thing never married, poor girl, to think she never found a man. Little do they know. For me I was married and all the married things happened to me, including having a family. His cousin inherited a nice house but she spends most of her time with me. If anything, in our older years we spend more one on one time than we did when we set off to fool everyone. He likes to be with us when we make love, we are over any type of hesitation or hang ups, we make love. He doesn't interfere anymore, he leaves us alone, caressing us from time to time, exciting us from time to time, but letting us make love. We make love with him, we love face to face, we love helping and kissing and caressing, but we let him make love. I get deep desires to kiss him when he is making love to me. She likes to wrap herself around him and pull him down on her. Sex is still a central part of our lives. And sometimes we get naked and let things happen. Fortunately we are all still healthy and he manages with the Cialis, Viagra gives him severe headaches.

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    * the correct age is 67 and he is 69 and she is 65
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    Don't you imagine that people, friends and associates know what is going on between you three, that is if anything is really happening or if this story is written by someone with one hell of an imagination, probably a boy?
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    In the days when we were young people didn't talk, if they imagined, guessed or knew no one said anything. I was married. Today lots of friends and family know that the two of us were wives to him, but our girl activities have never been brought up. I'm sure they imagine, but we have always respected our public image.
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    Best confession story I’ve read in awhile. Is she still sucking his cum out your pussy? Hell no

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