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    Straight Male / 50

    This past weekend my wife went out of town to visit her sister in Michigan. I had the house to myself. I have been a crossdresser since I was 8. With my wife gone i decided to take advantage and dress for the weekend. Friday night I drove to a rest area east of here and posted online that I was available for pleasure. I met 2 guys for oral me giving. then a third one who took me into his backseat of his pickup and used me fully. Saturday I got all dolled up and when to a local mall again posted online and spend the day giving oral. I swallowed 8 men. i went home showered and got ready for the evening. I wore sluttiest dress one with a slit up the leg to my waist. These really high heels with 6" stilettos. Real laid in the makeup, then headed for where the hooker walk at night. I actually made $75 in 2 hours. By now it was 2 am and I headed over to gay bar area and walked the streets I was picked up by this guy who was married and ready to explode, he took me home and had me wear his wife's clothes, he did me 3 times then dropped me off. it was 6am and I was walking to my car when this offers me $100 to do me. He took me to a lake park and enjoyed me fully. It was 9am when I he dropped me off. I drove home as i walked in the cum was running down the back of my legs. I walked in and went into the bedroom and as I liked the dress over my head, I hear don't you look sweet. My wife had come home during the night her sister was feeling sick. She had slept in the guestroom. As the dress was partly over my head exposing the panties and the cum stains on my skin and on the stockings she had me dead to rights. She walked up to me and slipped her right hand inside of the panties then pulled it out and licked her fingers. She asked how many men? As I cleared the dress over my head and the money feel out of the bra hitting the carpet. So your a whore? With that I just farted and squirted cum into the panties. Making a big wet spot. I went to walk into the bathroom she grabbed my hand lead me to the bed and told me to get on my stomach. She pushed me down yanked the panties down ope my Cheeks wide apart. She looked into my ass and grabbed the side of the panties and them down and off my legs over the heels. She told me to get on my knees and she spread my cheeks again she pushed her face into my cheeks ad started to lick me. She said you have had a lot of cum you cheap slut. She then stood up and slapped me hard and told me you ever go out whoring again I will cut your nuts off, now go take a shower.

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