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    Straight Female / 19

    I'll be 20 in two weeks and can't understand why I let myself be humiliated, abused and degraded by my boyfriend Ryan. It started almost a year ago when I first let him tie my arms and blindfold me naked on the bed. With him alone it was so exciting and satisfying I actually liked it and still do. He liked using sex toys on me especially the vibrators and I must admit how arousing and how strong my orgasms were. He said it was a fetish for him so I didn't object to it. Then after a month or so of doing this a few times a month, I realized there was someone else in the room and Ryan just told me it was one of his friends. The embarrassment swept over me but he continued to stimulate me and although I knew I was naked in front of another guy I still was aroused and able to orgasm. The guy left before Ryan took off the blindfold and untied me so I still today don't know who it was. Somehow Ryan convinced me it was exciting for me knowing another guy was watching and I must admit it does excite me. Its also humiliating because since that night there have been at least 9 or 10 other guys who have been here and as time went on Ryan has allowed them to not only feel my breasts but also penetrate me vaginally and annually with the vibrators and other sex toys. Some of these guys have been here numerous times and there are four I know because of their voices. When I see them other times I never mention or let on that I know they were taking part in this. They never have intercourse with me and I never give them oral sex or even masturbate them. Ryan lets them stimulate me without knowing who is doing it and I am humiliated by it but at the same time so aroused I just let it happen. They prop my body in such undignified positions I know my embarrassment is obvious to them but at the same time I have repeated orgasms. Its never more than Ryan and one other guy but I never know who the guy is unless its one of the four voices I recognize. A year ago I would never have thought of allowing anything like this but not seeing who is touching me or stimulating me somehow arouses me in ways I can't explain. The humiliation and total embarrassment is there the entire time but the orgasms keep coming. There are a few other guys I suspect have been here but am not fully sure. Ryan never mentions names and none of the other guys has ever said anything to me about it.

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    Nothing better than annual penetration, am I right?
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    This is going to end badly for you. You should put a stop to it while you can. If your bf objects, find a new one.
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    Itâs only a matter of time until your boyfriend starts letting his friends fuck you. And it will all be recorded.

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