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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 15yo I masturbated every damn day, sometimes two and three times. I learned that the internet would provide me with enough porn I could jerk off until I went blind. I had one sister two years older than me.

    I was always waiting for my mom and my sister to go shopping, our dad was in the military and gone for long periods of time. Once my mom and sister were out the door I was on the computer looking at porn.

    One Saturday my sister had soccer practice and my mom took her. She usually watched the girls practice and I knew I had a couple of hours to do my thing. I had watched them leave, and I was on the computer moments later.

    I had found some DP video and I was stroking my cock watching two guys fill some blonde up in both holes. Just as I reached my climax the door opens up and my sister walks into my bedroom as I'm squirting my load. I was so into the porn video I never heard my mom's car pull into the driveway or the noisy garage door motor.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in the door. I turned to see my sister standing there with her mouth open in disbelief. We just looked at each other in silence for several moments, my spent cock dripping cum all over the floor. She seemed to stare at my cock as the remaining drops of cum dripped out and then looked up at me.

    Finally she backed out the door and closed it behind her. I just stood there in horror, I was just freaking out what she was going to tell our mom? The house was dead silent, I heard the car start inside the garage, the door closing a few moments later. I watched my mom drive down the street and around the corner out of sight.

    For days I waited for my mom to come and have a talk with me of some kind, surely my sister had said something. My mom never spoke of it, my sister never said another word about it, even to this day.

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    My mom caught me looking at porn and masturbating when I was a teen. She didnât catch me cumming but when she caught me looking at porn she did slap my hand that was around my hard dick and told no porn. That was awkward enough.

    She exited off the porn site, told me to put my penis back in my briefs and we need to talk. Yes I still wore briefs at that time, I was a teen and white briefs and boners donât mix! It was totally visible! During the talk she told me masturbation is fine and good to do but donât use porn. She said itâs addicting and puts to many sexual fantasies in your head.

    Then she got up and before leaving said give me your briefs so I can get the precum rinsed off before they stain. She then told me to finish myself so I donât get blue balls before putting on clean underwear
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    My mom caught me too. I was in shower and usually my eyes closed. I had locked the damn door every single time before that, but now I had forgot to do it and she opened it and saw me wanking.

    I remember her eyes. All wide and surprised. I turned around when she closed the door.

    I was so ashamed and hoped she hadn't saw me, because I had turned around so quickly.

    I thought she would kill me, but she was too cool. About half a hour later when I had come out of shower, she came to my room, asking were I okay. I was and she began the talk how there is nothing wrong to do it and trying to encourage me by telling how she have done it too when she was younger and how everyone is doing it.

    Then she said how I should do it in my room or in the toilet, and not in shower because she have to pay the water. When she was done, she asked about sex and would I like to get some condoms from her. I said thank you, but no thank you. Few days later she brought her own packet, which was opened and couple of them used, and asked me to practice with the rest of them and then ask her again when I would like to have more.
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    Had same thing happen to me, my 19 year old sister was peaking at me jacking off. I was standing in my bedroom, legs spread with a towel spread out on floor. Was doing it hard and fast with my eyes closed. Was in the basement and thought I was alone. When I came and shot my load, and I mean I shot it, I opened my eyes and saw my sister's head move. As she walked away, knowing she was caught, she said "good boy" like you say to a dog. was so embarrassed and we never spoke of it.. I masturbated for years over her then , wanting to fuck her.

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