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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    The pastor at the church I go too has been using my ass for a while. Bends me over his desk, drops his pants around his ankles, pulls his tighty whities down and fucks me till he cums in my ass. At first I hated it, my ass was sore, my hole felt funny, I would leak cum but I started to enjoy it. That made me realize Iâm bisexual. Pastor has a 7â uncut cock with a decent thickness. Natural pubes too so itâs hairy. Compared to my pubic area and butt that is always shaved smooth, I donât like pubic hair on my body. Iâm a briefs wearer too which he thinks is such a turn on, thought I havenât worn white briefs since I was 12. Iâve only seen him wear white briefs and I just say he fills them up! Huge balls!

    My mom thinks Iâm really close to the pastor and he helps me. But she doesnât know that Iâm in his office after church every church night so he can fuck my ass and cum in it! This has been going on since my 18th birthday. 18 birthday was on a school night too, I remember that night. The next morning I went to school with a sore asshole! My mom is single and Iâm sure sheâd love to have his big cock to play with, I told the pastor he could probably get in her panties.

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    I don't know why--- but I love stories about pastors & priests sucking and fucking other men. For many years now -- I've had this fantasy of sucking the big black cock of a Southern black preacher and swallowing his cum. I've never been ass fucked before, but I bet I'd love having his big cock in my ass. Many, many times. I'm in North East Louisiana if any of you big dicked black preachers would like to teach me some tricks. Start here and we'll go to private email. Thanks.
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    One of my favorite bi, married duck buddies is a black Baptist preachers. I am not a member of his church but have had sex in his church office and we have had a 3 way with another married man who he fucks regularly.
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    This "tighty-whities" twat is a frequent poster. HIS posts are always BS.

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