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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Recognizing you're gay or bisexual, as opposed to fighting your true sexuality, is a beautiful and fundamental way of accepting who you really are. Feeling his cock slowly slide up my asshole, then hear him tell me just how much he loves me, was one of those moments in life, you cherish forever.
    The who in this, is myself obviously and another man, a man who I'd secretly wanted to fuck me for years. He'd always as long as I'd known him, denied his true self. Yet I knew from my mothers own words before she died, he'd in his younger days had a sexual relationship with another college boy.
    It was nine months after the death of my mother I first let him know bout what she'd told me. At first he denied everything and even shunned me for some time. Then like a man who's life needed the cogs to turn in the right direction to live, he text me and told me to visit his home.
    It was freezing and it was snowing when I walked to his front door. He welcomed me in, gave me a brandy and told me he was sorry. Within seconds of the brandy warming my inside, his mouth was on mine and we kissed.
    Our hands were searching each others bodies and I let him undress me. Naked along with him, I marveled at his physique and knew for a man in his forties, he was probably fitter than most guys my age. His cock stood proud and erect and I wondered only for a second, if I could take all of it.
    Kissing again we sank down and so began the long winding duel of sexual exploration between us. Oral, kissing, oral, rimming, oral, more longer deeper rimming and then with him lying on top of me, he slid his cock into my backside. He knew I wasn't a virgin, and I knew he was going to satisfy me in every way.
    The pressure of his cock penetrating my hole, only lasted a few strokes and then...... and then.
    My world changed, everything I had been told was wrong. Everything was perfect as he fucked me into sexual oblivion. We shared moments that I'd never experienced before, and he carried on giving me new chapters in my sexual world. It was the best sex I'd ever had, and he wasn't supposed to be giving me anything.
    Like two lovers who'd shared a lifetime, we moved and changed from one carnal position to another. And each time his member delved deeper into my sexual soul. I was his and within those walls he knew it.
    Hearing his voice through the delight of my own building orgasm, I heard him whisper in my ear, he was cumming, he was about to ejaculate inside of me and I couldn't have been more delighted.
    His sperm oozed out of me as we spooned. His words were all the words I wanted and needed to hear. His penis rubbed on my buttocks and i knew he was becoming erect again. I knew within minutes I was going to be mounting his shaft and I also knew as I looked down on him, I would call him for who he was.
    I would tell my uncle, I would tell the man I'd loved with all my heart for years, I was his and he could be and do whatever he wanted with me.
    I am the person who this dictates to, I am the nephew who's life is now surrounded by love and a wonderful man who has always secretly loved me too. We're not fake, we're not anything wrong or false. What we are, are two adults who share a growing and perfect love. And we'll share our passion, with or without societies say so.

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