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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I was 15 I was walking over to visit a friend and a guy pulled up and asked me if I wanted a ride. This was the first time I was offered a ride and I thought for a few seconds and said âsureâ. He was really nice to talk to and we ended up at a marina parking lot. I was dressing in my motherâs lingerie and dresses for about two years so my kinky side was already established. He got a hard on and it turned me on. He pulled it out and started stroking it and I couldnât take my eyes off it. I automatically started touching it and after one minute went down on him. It was the most exciting thing I ever did ( up until then anyway). I sucked his cock for over an hour, stopping here and their when he wanted to kiss and fondle me. I finally made him cum in my mouth. When I felt his cum squirting in my mouth, I came in his hand. He dropped me off near my friends hous and gave me a fifty dollar bill. Every time I am walking somewhere I remember this time and wish it would happen again. Not until I was in my twenties did they need return. I started cross dressing in gay bars. I dress sexy to tease men into inviting me to the parking lot. 0qqt

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    I read this and it sent my memories into a spin. I used to walk home from school, a man pulled alongside me and offered me a ride. We went to his motel room and I sucked my first dick. I loved it. He wanted me to quit, get rid of me but I liked being naked with him and sucking him and he sucked me. He had me lay on the edge of the bed with my knees on the floor and he told me it might hurt. I don't know what he used for lube but it hurt until he got it in. His full dick inside me felt amazing. I had tears in my eyes but I swear it was from pleasure. He came inside of me and wiped his dick and my ass with the sheet of the bed. I had to swear secrecy. He dropped me off a block from where he picked me up and I walked home. I sucked a boy later on and he told his mother which got me into a lot of trouble. I didn't suck a man again until I was a lot older. He showed me his dick in the park and I told him I would suck him. I was pretty much the queer at school. I never dressed up as a girl but when I am being kissed and fucked I feel like a girl, I love the feeling.
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    In my twenties I started going to gay bars wearing panties and girls nylon short shorts. I would wear a girls blouse tied in front. I wanted to sucked cock and and wanted to let my sissy gay feelings out of the closet. I was with strangers so that made it easier. When I walked around the bar, when guys would feel my ass, I would stop and let them do what they wanted. Men would take me out to their car suck their cock. Some wanted to make out with me and suck my cock. I would do whatever they wanted. I love it when my date cums in my mouth. Gay sex turns me on so much that I would walk on dark streets around gay bars in Ft Lauderdale wearing sissy gay clothes to get picked up. Most of the men that picked up were gay but once in a while a straight guy would bc he needed sex and wanted to walk on the wild side. I always did everything they wanted and always got my reward. I have a closet of lingerie, heels, dresses and wigs. I love dressing pretty and going for a ride and walking to tease and get picked up.

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