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    Growing up I was indifferent to boys. I always had a super girlfriend. When I was going off to college my mother talked to me, it was one of those talks where you go into her room and she wants to talk about something she doesn't want to talk about. She told me that I would be meeting lots of guys in college, some would be nice guys but some would not be nice guys. I had to learn to pick them apart, falling into the hands of a guy who was only interested in what was up my skirt was going to lead to lots of pain.

    She gave me a pamphlet, how not to get pregnant. It had a couple of paragraphs on male reproduction and female reproduction. Nothing about sex. She had me read back to her the paragraphs on intercourse and semen and sperm and ovum and ovulation and menstruation. She asked me if I had been kissed. If I didn't want to tell her it was fine, but being kissed was the first step. The steps didn't have to be one right after the other, the boy would get me to kiss with him and then one day get me to let him get his hand under my skirt or under my shirt and then one day, he would push me over and he would push his penis into me. It was that easy, and then I would probably be pregnant. Kissing was fine, hands under my shirt maybe but a hand up under my skirt was not fine. There is a reason why girls wait until marriage, respect that.

    I got up and went to the door to leave and she called me back. She held my hands and looked at me and said that sometimes girls preferred to have girlfriends. Having a girlfriend was a blessing as we all knew, but sometimes the girlfriend was like a boyfriend. Some girls liked to kiss other girls, yes kiss them the same way boys kissed girls. Some girls even liked to put their hands up under your shirt. Some girls put their hands up your skirt. These things happened. She didn't know much about it but she had asked her doctor about it and her doctor had given her some ideas to talk about with me.

    She asked me again if I had been kissed. If a girl had touched my breast. If a girl had put her hand up under my skirt and felt me up. She wanted to know. To tell her now. Had I kissed a girl? Had I kissed Missy when we were in the seventh grade? Had we touched each other. Did we kiss? Did I let Missy touch me down there? What all did we do, to tell her because she didn't want to hear anything more from Missy's mother.

    I told my mother that Missy and I were friends.

    Missy was seventeen the day I went off to college. My parents took me, but the night before I snuck out of my room again, I went over to Missy's house and tapped on the garage door like always and she came out in her nightgown and we kissed so hard. Missy was crying, I told her I loved her and I would be back for her, but we had to be careful my mother was asking questions and her mother was telling my mother stuff. We kissed again and I went home and the next day I was driven off to college.

    Missy was my best friend, we saw each other during the holidays and during the summers until we were both done with college. During those college years, during those long summer breaks, we kissed, and we touched our breasts and we touched our thing down there and stuck our tongue in our mouths and we stuck our tongue down there. When she finished college we said we wanted to go live in the city. Missy and I remained best friends and have lived together for a very long time, long after our parents passed. We got married last year just because. Not really any other reason. We don't call ourselves wives, it really isn't a term that works. She is my lover, my friend, my girlfriend, my life partner.

    We bought burial plots side by side. We want to spend the rest of eternity together. Maybe in the next life we won't have to answer so many stupid questions.

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