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    Straight Male / 28

    In March I was told by text my wife was cheating on me with a guy I fucking hated. I was going to confront her that evening when she got home from work, but first I wanted to confirm what I'd found out. Traveling over to the guys home which is just around the corner form my mother in laws home, I knocked and knocked but no one was home. Deciding to go round to see Marie my mother in law, I walked round and left my car.
    Marie was in the middle of washing a pan facing the sink when I got there. I'd let myself in as I always did and she didn't see me enter. She was messing about with something when I entered and I soon saw the cleaning brush for the pan. Marie was rubbing it on her pussy through her skirt and saying "Oh yeh baby".
    I'd always found her attractive, but she was my mother in law. I knew from certain things said between us, she had soft spot for me. So thinking my marriage was over anyway, I walked up behind her, cupped her left breast with one hand and slid my right hand under her skirt. At the same time I put my mouth to her ear and told her I was going to fuck her.
    She knew straight away who it was, but instead of drawing back or telling me to stop as I was her daughters husband, Marie ground down onto my hand and dropped the cleaning brush into the sink. Pushing back onto me, she told me she'd always wanted me and to get on with it.
    I was rock hard by then and I didn't even wait to have to her suck on my dick as I dropped my shorts and boxers. Pushing her forwards, I lifted her short loose skirt and ripped her panties off in one go. I was that stoked up and that angry, I just thrust into her and began to fuck my mother in law, hard.
    She let out lots of moans and told me I was a dirty bastard. Then as I was slamming into her after about five minutes, her pussy tightened around my dick and my mother in law came on my cock. Still fucking her roughly, I decided to tell her why I was fucking her. I told her I'd gotten a text, and the text had said her daughter was off fucking with a guy I hated. Clamping her mouth shut with one hand as she moaned at me, I thrust into her pussy a few more times, then came filling her hot wet c**t.
    Eventually I released my grip on her mouth and heard her say "You fucking idiot". Pulling out of her I let her turn round and boy did she slap me. Moving back and putting my cock back into my boxers and shorts, she told me to sit down.
    Sitting across from her, as she panted. She finally looked up at me and said "It was me who sent you the text. Look at what it says you fucking tool". Opening my phone I looked at the message and actually read it without anger for the first time. "Darren's fucking off, C**** will be happy now". I'd totally misunderstood and read it in my anger as "Darren's fucking C****, She's happy now".
    Looking at Marie I apologized a dozen times or more and asked her to forgive me for forcing her to have sex. She let me rant on for a while, then said "Look if I didn't want you to have fucked me, I would have screamed and tried to stop you. I didn't because I wanted you to fuck me". To prove the point, my mother in law got up, undid my shorts and squatted down in front of where I sat. She took out my cock and opened her mouth. Sucking in my soft dick, she carried on sucking on my cock until it was fully erect and oozing pre cum.
    As soon as she thought I was good and ready, she held my hand and took me upstairs to her bedroom. I'm twenty eight years old and have had lots of girlfriends. Some have been okay in bed, some have been really horny, but not a one of them including her daughter, could or can match Marie when it comes to being outright dirty and willing to do anything to enjoy sex.
    I was absolutely shattered when I left her home that afternoon. She'd let me know Darren had moved out the week before, but she'd only just found out herself. He'd run into some guys who didn't take too kindly to him fucking one of their wives (He fucked an old girlfriend of mine behind my back. long story). Before I walked out of my wife's moms home, Marie made me promise to keep her daughter happy. She also made me promise it wouldn't be a one off between us.
    Since March Marie and I have fucked on a regular basis. Not as much as I'd like as she really is a sexual goddess in bed, but we have sex at least once a week. There are occasions such as this week, when my wife travels over the Europe with her job (Four days). She knows her mom will stay over with me or vice versa, and she also thinks/knows we look after one another. The fact is, as soon as she leaves we're fucking and have a great time often staying in either home throughout a whole day of sex.
    My mother in law even said to her daughter before my wife left this time "Don't worry honey, I'll take extra good care of him this time". What's baffling was my wife's reply "I bet you will mom. Don't wear him out completely".

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