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    Straight Male / 22

    Living with my parents still is a necessity rather a choice, or it was. Money is tight, but I guess I should and could have moved out before now. The main reason I've not is because of my parents next door neighbours John and Liz.
    They're both in their mid fifties and as I've found out these past nine months, Johns into watching his wife being fucked by younger guys. And Liz is most definitely into my cock fucking her mouth pussy and especially her arsehole.

    A party they held for Johns fifty fifth birthday, and it was during the latter parts of the party Liz invited up to see a painting I'd studied in college. With my parents having just gone back to ours, Liz removed her clothing and told me I could do anything with and to her, saying she particularly loves anal. Liz might be in her fifties but she's got a much sexier and fitter body than most girls my age, trust me. She's also got a wealth of sexual knowledge and has used it all to teach me over the nine months, how to pleasure a woman completely. That night as I was fucking a womans arsehole for the first ime in my life, her husband walked in on us. I thought all hell was going to break loose, but instead John closed the door took of his clothing and began to wank right there in front of us both.

    Telling me to carry on as I'd stopped fucking his wife, I slowly began to fuck Liz again and watched as John furiously tossed himself off as he watched us intensely. I blew my wad up his wife's arsehole a few minutes later and was amazed when I slid my cock out, he lay on the bed and had Liz slam her pussy and arse down over his face. It was my turn to stare as he tongued out her holes, Taking extra time and effort to lick out her arsehole and swallow my cum. Watching her orgasm over and over again, they both looked over at me and said "Anytime you want to call round".
    And so I have been doing. Johns not always at home when I fuck Liz. Indeed more and more often he's at work and I'm sticking my cock in all of her very willing holes. What's funny, is he'll comment either that evening or the day after and thank me for the cream.

    There has been a twist of late though, and one I'm not really sure about. Well the second part anyway. Fucking Liz on a beautiful warm sunny Sunday afternoon, with my parents away on Anglesey, he walked into their back garden where I was sliding my cock up her arsehole as she mounted me on a sun lounger. I'd literally just cum and thought he wanted to suck out my cum from her rear, when Liz got me close my eyes. The next thing I felt was a warm wet mouth licking and sucking off the cum from my cock. Opening my eyes when Liz asked me too, I saw John sucking on my dick. I went to move him but his mouth felt amazing on my cock, I did as Liz then suggested, I let him suck me until every drop of cum was cleaned off and my cock was erect again. Liz remounted my dick and for the first time in a long time, she kept on fucking me vaginally. Liz orgasms fairly easily, but I'd never seen her climax so easily and so many times after she'd watched her husband suck on my dick then ride me herself.

    Over the next few occasions and each time, she's had John lick and suck my cock. And not just after I'd cum inside her either. He's I have to say, a fantastic cock sucker, probably better than his wife. And his mouth certainly gets my dick extra hard. But now, and it's only a recent suggestion from Liz, she's asked me if I'd do something for her. She's asked me if I'd fuck John in front of her and then fuck her. The suggestion I will admit turns me on. But it's actually fucking another man that has me doubting if I will. I haven't done it so far, but only a couple of days ago as I was fucking Liz from behind, she had him tongue my arsehole and balls. It felt utterly wonderful, and I very nearly said yes when she wanted me then to fuck him. I didn't but I was sorely tested not to. Now in a kind of catch 22, I have to decide if I'm going to fuck another man, and make sure I can keep on fucking his gorgeous wife.

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    Become the Bull, fuck him and own her. Cuck him and make sure he understands that his wife belongs to you and you are the man of the house. He will accept his new role in life and you will have pussy, ass and two mouths to please your cock. This doesnât make you gay but a true Alpha and every mans dream. You might be even able to bring other women into this keep us posted.

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