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    Straight Female / 21

    I want my boyfriend to fuck me hard. The last time we had sex, it was kind of close... for the first time he was on top, he slid his cock into me and fucked me good but I want him to be rougher. I want him to hold me down and do whatever he wants with me. I want him to make me cum hard.

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    I had a fwb that wanted it like that. She trained me to fuck HARD and every time we did it, I got more efficient at it. Give it time, I swear somerimes that’s all a guy needs. If you invest in someone sexually, you’d be surprised. The end product is often better then jusr ending it.

    True story, I also had a milf who would suck me off. She was terrible at it. Yet she insisted she keep at practicing. One day she was just incredible. The best oral sex I’ve ever had. From that point on, I am convinced she gave the head on the planet. I always asked her what the hell she did to get so good. I probably don’t want to know. Maybe she read an arriclw on how to give a perfect bj? Who knows. All I know what it was amazing.
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    If you like it, be sure to grind it into him and fuck him back, actively.

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