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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I went to a small college in Appalachia. There were very few dorm rooms and I decided to live off campus and through the college I found a roommate. She was living in a small two bedroom one bath house about a mile from campus, and she needed a roommate to split the rent and utilities. The arrangement would work for me, I had a car and she seemed nice and we got together.

    We were good roommates. Then one night she came home and a boy was with her so I left them and went into my room. Things got quiet and I got in bed. Then things exploded, she was yelling at the top of her voice, he was calling her a bitch and other bad words, the door slammed and I got up to see what the problem was. She was breathing real hard and she was very upset so I put my arms around her and held her. She told me he had tried to get fresh with her and had gotten on top of her on the couch and she was just lucky that she was able to kick him off. Right then the last thing I wanted to do was let her go, I held onto her and asked her if she wanted to come sleep with me and I would hold her.

    The next night and the next night after that she slept with me. Her room was made up, she made the bed and picked up her stuff and she never slept in that bed again. My room became our room and we cuddled, I mean cuddled, did everything short of making out and having sex. You couldn't have put a knife between us we slept so close. She swore of boys forever and she made me swear with her, not that I had a bad experience. The semester passed, we went home for Christmas, and when we got back she unpacked in my room, putting all her things in the dresser with mine, she got onto me as soon as we got into bed and told me that she had been cold all Christmas break and she wanted me to hold her until she got warm again.

    I guess I thought it was funny or something, she didn't appreciate me laughing at her. I held her alright, I held her real close, I put her in my arms and I stopped laughing and asked her how she thought we should do it. She asked what I meant and I told her if we were going to do it, we needed to do it. We started with a couple of kisses and gentle touching, making sure we touched everything we shouldn't touch and I asked her if she was ready because I was ready and we did it. And so we fell into a very long and intense and cuddled relationship.

    After college we set up house and we didn't tell anyone and didn't not tell anyone, if they asked we were honest if they didn't ask we didn't tell. And then when I was thirty I met this man and things got hot and one night he came over and he tore into me and destroyed any illusions of what sex with a man was like. I had sex on our bed, or rather he had sex with me on our bed, at that time I did not have sex with him. He did not leave me alone, not even close, sex was a constant on his mind and he only came to see me to have sex.

    If he was over at our apartment he was there to have sex with me. And I opened the door for him, I let him in, I set a place for him when we had dinner and I went with him into our room for him to have sex. He didn't spend the night, it wasn't one of those relationships, he came to visit, to have dinner, to take me out or us out, and to have sex. It was a sexual relationship. Until he had sex with her. If one was good for him, then two was better. Like me, she gave in and delivered herself up. He was going to have sex and she wasn't going to stop him. He deserved to have us both.

    Things got hotter and hotter and soon we were having sex all together, we sucked his dick together. We were aggressive and demanding, we wanted sex and we didn't want toys, we wanted the real thing. We went dick crazy, I gave him a blowjob with his coffee after dinner. We served him pussy on the table. For months we had sex, he slept over now and then, we joked that he should start to pay his part of the rent. He moved in. The days of cuddling in bed, soft kisses and just spooning were over. You don't spoon with a guy, there are no soft kisses, he fucks you. That was the difference, no matter how much we made love, kissed and hugged, we never fucked. He fucks. And we want to get fucked. That is the difference with a man. That's why you need a man in the house. You can't fuck with your girlfriend.

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