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    Straight Male / 42

    Don’t really know where to post this but this seems like the best category.

    I spent the first two years of adulthood out of high school in prison. Went to prison when I was 18. Dumb me I know, still regret it. Being a small white skinny 18 year old and in prison didn’t mix. Spent my first night there getting my ass plowed by my cell mate. He was a middle age Mexican guy with a huge thick dick. I hating life at that point. I just learned to take it because I was too small to fight back. First few weeks he fucked me every night then he slowed down and did it every few nights. That went on for almost a year till I got a dig cell mate. His dick had to have been like 9 inches and very thick. All I know was it wasn’t pleasant

    Next cell mate was a older white guy. Big and beefy. Nothing happened the first few nights, I thought my ass was finally going to get a break. After a few nights he asked if my ass felt like it tightened back up after the last dick I had? I was kinda shocked when he asked. He pulled his pants off, briefs too and showed off his thick dick. Had to be 7 inches long. Very hairy too. Told me you know the drill. So I ended up getting fucked by him, once he came he washed his dick off and got back in his bunk.

    That guy fucked me till I was released. The last night was very rough, he fucked me very hard and a few times that night.

    Been living my life good since then, working and keeping to myself. Single too, I was a virgin when I went to prison and still am a virgin. Well other than what happened in prison. That kinda ruined my sex life, I still masturbate but kinda emotionality damaged from prison sex. Only person that knows that happened is my mom.

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    My jock, married cousin was sentenced to 4 years. I visited him every couple of months and we sxchangeand letters and I helped his wife and kids. He also spent 9 months at a Half-Way-House where he lived and worked. A few weels after he went back to his wife and kid that he met me for lunch and told me he got rapped a few days after he entered prision. He was always a southern baptist homophobe until then, At lunch he told me he loved it in the ass and took an 2 the last night at the Half-Way-House and he really missed it even more than his wife's pussy when he first went in. He asked me to fuck him becasuse he had no idea how to make contact. That was 12 years ago and I still fuck his ass a couple of times a month. He also likes to suck my dick and I let him.
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    Not prison but boarding school. Low life underclassmen pleasing upper classmen. You learn the drill. You wait to be an upper classman. I miss it.
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    I was put in prison at age 22. Even though I served nearly a year in the county jail, I was still very scared when I first arrived at the big house. I had no idea what I got myself into when I accepted an oldtimer's offer to suck my dick during orientation. I soon found out. He wanted to fuck me or blow him. I was too afraid to fight so I sucked his dick.
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    #2 did all lower class men have to have sex with upperclassmen?

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