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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was at a bar and spent all my money. I needed about $20 to get a cab ride home and asked around to see what I could get. Most people told me to not bother them. I finally came to my last table which was a group of 4 women who looked to be in their 50's and willing to help me out. One pulled out a $20 and told me I had to work for it. She wanted me to get naked, get hard and then cum in front of her and her friends. I told her the bar wouldn't allow it. She then asks the bartender and she says we could use the back party room for that. I didn't know if the woman was serious but when she waved the $20 and told me to get to the party room right away or the deal was off, I went with her, her friends and the bartender came along too. She wanted me to do a strip dance and once naked to start the real show. Getting down to my underwear wasn't too bad but taking them off was a little difficult. I had never gotten naked like this before and have never done the act they wanting afterwards. My underwear came off and now it was time to do one last thing before I got the money. I was embarrassed and very nervous to do it but needed the money to get home. Being nervous and watched was making it hard for me to get hard. I must have been stroking it for awhile. Every time I started to get a little hard my nervousness made it go away so I had to try again. Finally it happened. I got a good hard on and blew my load in front of them. I had just cum in front of a bunch of strangers for $20. Once it happened I seemed to not be as nervous as before and my hard on wouldn't go away. I was getting very aroused thinking about what I had just done in front of them. They gave me my $20 and I began to get dressed. On the cab ride home I kept thinking about it. I got dropped off and paid the cabbie. I walked into my place and started to get ready for bed. I was still aroused and decided to go for a quick walk. It was about 3:00am so I just went out in my pajama bottoms and slippers. I got to a park and decided to go into it. Once in there I suddenly got the idea and urge to masturbate. I took off my pajama bottoms and did it again. Two cums in one night. I then decided to head home but instead of putting my pajama bottoms back on I just carried them. I walked home naked with no care in the world whether anyone would see me. I quickly feel asleep when I got home.

    The next day it really sank in. I had gotten naked in a bar and masturbated while being watched and then I walked home naked from the park. The more I thought about it the less worried about it I became but the more aroused I got. I have done a few more late night naked walks with a cum included and just getting more turned on each time by the idea of getting caught.

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    your going to be arrested & put sex offender list. Lots of bad stuff. There are other ways to exhibit yourself legally. And it sounds like you have a talent to make some extra $. If you see those women again & Im sure you will, offer up again & keep it seculsive.
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    What other ways to exhibit yourself legally did you mean?
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    Male dancer, nudist clubs in your area (very fun & you will meet others just like you),your female friends would probably hire you for private fun or you could even host a nude party. (These are just what cum's to mind) Im sure there are other ways too. Be smart.

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