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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I was a straight man.

    I honestly was, through and through. Then I experimented with gay porn a little too much. I didn't even like it at first (it was gross), but it was naughty and that was hot. And then I started to feel the changes, little by little. I felt myself becoming less disgusted and more aroused by all the beautiful naked men -- by their meaty dicks and bulging muscles and eventually even their gooey cum and dangling balls. I feared this change tremendously but didn't really give it credence (straight people couldn't turn gay!) until my dick started making my homosexual arousal undeniable. And even then I kept on with it. I thought I wanted to go back, to be done with homosexuality, but I found myself choosing gay porn instead of straight porn over and over, even once I was fully aware of what it was doing to me.

    What frightened me too was when I realized that I was becoming disinterested in tits and pussy. Emotionally, romantically, I am still attracted to women rather than men, but now my dick is very obviously more interested in dudes. I can look at a gorgeous naked woman and hang flaccid as a cooked noodle, and then get rock hard in 10 seconds just from thinking of a bare-chested bodybuilder or of putting my lips around a shapely cock -- without even touching my own.

    If we're talking about ROMANTIC orientation, I'm straight. But if we're talking about SEXUAL orientation, I have to admit that I've become way more gay than straight. GAY! I can't believe I'm saying it. But the proof is in the pudding: when it comes to hard-ons and orgasms, I'm 90% goddamn fucking gay.

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    Cool. I'm a 75 year old married man and I also love sucking cock --- and swallowing that gooey cum. Thanks for sharing.
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    I appreciate your confession and I identify with this curious/confused sexuality. I, too, am attracted emotionally and romantically to women, but find man cock irresistible. Have you connected with a man yet, or is it all a fantasy thing so far?
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    Holy Fuck! I feel like you EXACTLY!!!! I love women but nothing gets me harder than seeing a beefy cock shooting a hot load, maybe two guys or Tranny's cock fighting and rubbing their hard cocks together until they explode with cum.
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    I'm a married man and love my wife but any time certain guys I have, and still work with, show me their manly cocks, I am only too willing to get on my knees and suck their cocks until they cum in my mouth then swallow that man cum like a cheap whore. I love being intimate with a woman but for raw, hard SEX, give me a nice cock anytime. I love feeling it in my mouth. Sucking, licking gently biting and sucking, kissing and tonguing big, cum filled balls...god I love that. Feeling a cock pulse and the guy's balls tighten before he fills my cock sucking mouth with his sperm only makes me suck him harder! Hell yes when I'm in the mood for sex, I think only about men's hard cocks!
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    I'm married and have two kids. I love my wife but I also love to feel another hard cock rubbing against mine. Both of us cumming all over our cocks in ecstasy.
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    I am her heaps...but when I travel I book divine male escorts...I book smooth hung muscle studs and dress them in lingerie...I rim and fuck their anus, suck their beautiful cocks and then take them deep inside me and drive me to heaven.

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