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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife's younger boss has been fucking for over a year now. It began when he stated to her he needed to thin out some of the older employee's, to make way for a younger more progressive set of people. She came home that night crying and confessed to me, she'd sucked him off in his office.
    She kept her job with his promise to keep her on, and the very next afternoon he fucked her over his desk. Again she confessed to me what she'd done and I was at the time, at a loss to stop him. We desperately needed the money my wife earned, and boy did he know it.
    Week after week she'd just nod when I looked at her in a certain way, and I knew he'd had his cock up my wife's pussy and ass. Then as a total surprise during my fortieth birthday celebrations, he turned up. After they chatted for a short while, he took my wife outside for a "Chat" and fucked her over the hood of my car. This she didn't tell me until the following week.
    Now totally lost in all my thoughts and understandings, feeling helpless, I became determined to get things right. Applying for job after job, I took on another job and then another. Soon I was working all hours, and it kind of paid off.
    My wife's friend noticed how we'd become separated and she asked my wife why. She broke down and told her everything, and also included I was working three jobs to try and end the situation.
    The very next day I got a phone call and was offered a job which completely smashed my earnings with the other three. A few weeks later whilst I was working for my wife's friends husband, someone who hated my wife's boss, he told me something. And soon it will have all taken place.
    The reason my wife's boss wanted to change focus so radically, was the family behind the business was being challenged to sell his it. I now know that the person who's just bought it, literally, and it is my wife's female friend on behalf of her husband.
    In the next few days my wife is going to be made the senior director of the new business, and why she had to stay on. Her first duty, she's been told, will be sack her old boss and to let him know every scrap of information, plus the security footage of him fucking my wife outside of my birthday venue, will be going to his wife.
    It was his wife who's family owned the business he was a junior partner in, who sold the business suspecting her husband of cheating on her. They'll get that information shortly and I know from things said, he'll be receiving a divorce notice and will be moving out of his wife's comfortable home.
    What goes around, comes around.................

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