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    Straight Male / 45

    I've have always been faithful to my wife through the 23 yrs we have been married. Having said that yes I never physically cheated but would many times masturbate while looking at porn or think my wife was someone else when having sex. Then I met her. I was on a phone chatline talking to woman and Andrea a woman just 20 miles from me came on. She was 19 with one daughter and single. She was very lonely for the dad of her daughter was watching her for the weekend and we started to talk. As we talk I found out a little more that she was very horny and was in need of a man. I was home alone and my wife was with a friend. I work for myself and clients can call anytime so I had an alibi and told her I would be over. I arrived to this little apartment and when I entered I saw she was about 5' bleach blond hair with blue eyes. She lead me to the living room and when I sat down she sat on my knees facing me and we started to kiss. Soon after she took her top off and I was looking at the most beautiful boobs. They were a small C with very small nipples. She moaned as I sucked on them. Soon after she got on her knees took out my cock and sucked it so soft and sweet. I finally told her I wanted to see her pussy and she took my hand and led me to her room. Picture this, a beautiful blonde teen with no shirt jeans leading a 45 yr old married man with his dick as hard as cement sticking out of his jeans to her bedroom. Hey it happen and it wasn't long before we were nude and I was between her legs with my tongue licking and tasting her young pussy. She liked to talk dirty and kept asking me if I loved that shaved pussy. I told I wanted to fuck her and I entered bareback. I didn't know where she was on her cycle. We never talked about it but she never said no. It was so good my wife could have walked in and I would have continued. She was mine and I was going to finish. She was somewhat noisy saying our names like we were married ?& Andrea ? She came several times until I exploded my load deep in her. We hurried got dresses and I left. It never happened again our little secret. And no she didn't get pregnant and she told me later she wasn't on the pill

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