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    I was out shopping with my wife and her mother. One of things we were shopping for was a new swimsuit for me. I tried on this one swimsuit and since I tried the suit over my underwear I didn't know if it fit right and was asking the saleswoman. The saleswoman thought it fit and looked fine. My wife's mother unexpectedly puts her fingers into the waistband to check how tight it was. She had put her fingers into both the waistband of the suit and my underwear. When she pulled out on the waistband it was in front and it gave her and the saleswoman a clear view down into it and my cock. She must have had it pulled out for at least 5 or 10 seconds. She was staring down at it and the saleswoman was looking too and didn't know how to react and just kept looking. I didn't know how to react either so I did nothing too. My wife wasn't nearby so she didn't know what her mother had just done this. When she released the waistband my cock was poking out over it so I had to adjust myself. To get it back in I had to pull my underwear and suit down a little and then back up. My wife's mother and the saleswoman had a priceless look on their faces. I wanted it covered up quickly and didn't realize it at the time but in the process I must have exposed myself a lot more even if it was only for a few seconds each time. I pulled them down enough for them to fully see my ass and cock along with my balls. It took a few attempts of doing this to get everything in and sitting comfortably.

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