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    Straight Male / 39

    How fucking weird is this?

    I married my wife only eight months ago, and we've always had a very sexual relationship in the twenty months we've been together in total. Her daughter, my step daughter Sophie is nineteen and has always been flirty with me, yet has kept her distance to a point. However five months ago when my wife had to go into hospital for surgery, she and Sophie asked me to come up to Sophie's room. Entering thinking she'd want me to fix this or that, I saw Sophie, who's extremely fit and very good looking, naked on her bed. My wife was sat near to her head and Sophie was playing with herself.

    Looking at my wife, I sked her what the fuck was going on. Her very casual response was to say "I don't want you straying whilst I'm in hospital and afterwards when we can't have sex. So I want you and Sophie to fuck whilst I'm incapacitated". My wife said it in such a way, it sounded like she and Sophie had been rehearsing.

    I'm no prude, nor am I an angel when it comes to fucking women. Yet caught in the moment I froze a little, until Sophie got off the bed, sank down and took my cock out of shorts. As I looked at her mother, my step daughter began to suck on my dick. It was then my wife smiled at me, got up and walked out. But not before she said to the both of us "Have a good time, I'll be downstairs".

    It was mid afternoon when my wife walked out of her daughters bedroom. It was getting dark when Sophie and I emerged from her bedroom having licked sucked and fucked in as many ways as you can imagine. I'm not joking, I was literally drained in every sense of the word, and my wife couldn't have been happier when she saw me.

    That night instead of us fucking as we usually did, my wife licked and sucked on my cock and balls, and then told me to go and sleep with Sophie. Doing as she wanted, myself and Sophie woke up early and fucked until her alarm sounded. An hour later I was driving my wife to the hospital and again she very casually asked me to focus on Sophie and to fuck her when I was horny.

    My was in hospital for three days, and during those days I'd never had as much sex as I did with my step daughter. It was constant from the moment she got home from college, to her getting up to go to college. I was glad of a rest when my wife came home, but even then she wanted me to at least sleep with Sophie.

    It took two months before she was able to fully accept me sexually, and throughout that time, I screwed Sophie daily, quite often more than once. Then as soon as my wife slid her mouth, pussy and ass over my cock, that was that. Sophie instantly stopped teasing me for sex and began to wear more clothing around me. She even began to argue with me if I wasn't attentive to her mom enough.

    This past month Sophie and I haven't had sex at all. It's as if it never happened and I can't figure why, what or how it all happened in the first place. Don't get me wrong I adore fucking my wife as she's super sexy, but I must admit I really enjoyed fucking Sophie too.

    The real head wrecking part, is my wife keeps on telling me, how much Sophie keeps telling her, just how much she loved me fucking her. And said maybe, just maybe in the future I might be able to visit her room again. Until then however, it's driving me fucking crazy.

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    Too wierd. But in your imagination everything is possible.

    Your wife let you fuck her own daughter, who also wanted it, just three days and two months. And just maybe someday you might get sex from her again.

    You are fucking crazy if you think people will believe you.
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    #1 It's along time ago now (Im 66) but when I was in my late thirties I married a woman who's daughter always flirted with me. Eventually when I got into my mid forties the sex with my wife dried up, but she couldn't care less that I was by then banging her daughter. Her daughter even moved back in with us until I split up with her mom. When I moved out, my ex's daughter visited me often for sex, and her mom knew all about it. So believe me, it does happen. Wish it still did :)
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    #2 I didn't say it doesn't happen. I only said his "experience" is pure fantasy.

    The problem is not what he was telling, but HOW he was telling it. That revealed that it is a lie.

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