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    Straight Male / 23

    Hi I am a 23 year old man and am straight but I confess to want to suck dick! I want to get a man's dick old or young and slip it down my throat, play with the balls and gag, lick, suck and then drink every drop of the cum like a good boy. I don't know why as I honestly a straight male but I just want to try a big hard cock in my throat. I don't want to fuck a man just suck dick!!

    And I know I would be fucking good at it!

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    Men who have strong Libidos look and want a willing cocksucker to use daily or have in call. Bless you for providing this service that I partake. I have had many of cocksuckers in stand by.
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    You like a cocksucking male?
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    I am a cock sucking married male and have been for years. I have sucked quite a few men off and did it very often, like almost every time one of my men wanted a blowjob. All of them have told me I suck cock better than any woman and, I always swallow their sperm.
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    My cock is a bit larger and thick and was discovered in the men's room by two work-mates who went after it. For some time now I let them suck me off in a stall, almost daily. We all enjoy it.
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    I was in an Adult Shop once, sitting in a booth watching porno, thinking I had the door locked. The porno, a simple one, man and woman, fucking and sucking. I was jacking off and the door opened. I hid my dick and looked back. There stood a young man and lady smiling at me. I was so embarrassed, tried to hide everything I was doing. They smiled and walked over, each placed a hand on my shoulder while the female attempted wit her other hand to remove my hand from hiding my hard dick. The boy smiled and proceeded to help her. They both succeeded and the boy got on his knees and began to give me a blow job. She was watching close and seemed to be enjoying what she was seeing. She pulled her trousers down and began playing with her pussy right in my fuce. She would slide her finger inside her pussy and I could not take my eyes off the sight. Soon she removed he finger and stuck it in my mouth. That was my first time ever tasting pussy and I'll admit, it taste great, not bad as I had suspected. While the boy remained sucking my dick she undressed from her waist down, stood directly in front of me with her pussy being smeared all over my face. Finally she placed one hand on the back of my head and with the other hand she spread the lips of her pussy and pulled my face right into her pussy. I couldn't help but let my lips touch her pussy lips. She commenced wiggling her pussy all over my mouth and I soon found myself imitating the men I'd seen eating their girlfriend out. And I mean it taste good, along with this man giving me a blow job. Soon afterward the boy stopped sucking me and she insisted that I give him a blow job. This was my first time ever with a man or woman but since I have done the same with women and men but my favorite is a threesome. It's a big wide wonderful world that we live in. You will be surprised at the number of girls and or men that are out there wanting but to ashamed to make the first move.
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    I am married and very happy yet miles away from home i gave a lift to a guy in his late teens who had missed the last train home and half an hour later he was thrusting his cock to the back of my throat ,Now he had the pretty boy looks but it was me who had been talked into giving him a blow job he was very confident and took quite a while to come,and then acted as if nothing had happened.He was my first but id enjoyed it

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