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    Straight Female / 34

    I seduced a very attractive, rugged and hung male student, Ted, when he was a senior, not long ago. At the time I was having an affair with Don, the history teacher. Unknown to me just then, Don was bi. Toward the end of the term, Ted and I were hot and heavy and would find ourselves fucking two or three times a day. We got caught by Don, who said, "Go ahead, don't worry about me." Ted could not continue so Don got on me and fucked me hard. I saw that this finally got Ted hot again and Don saw it and moved over for Ted as I remained spread widely.

    While Ted fucked me, Don got behind him and slid his hard cock up into Ted's asshole. Ted moaned but continued fucking me while Don nailed him up the ass. Don cried out that he was coming and Ted got hotter and started to come in me as Don came up his ass. We laughed after that but the next time we got into that combo the three of us came together. We really enjoyed it and tried it again but managed a three way come only once again.

    Ted graduated and moved away. We began to look for his three-way replacement but we're still looking. Ted set a high standard.

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