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    Financial circumstances made me drop out of college. I got a job through a friend at a fast food joint, and soon I was cashier. A Honduran girl who worked there came on to me and I fucked her one night. She got pregnant. I was in an all sorts of a crazy state until a friend of mine told me that these women always got pregnant. Tell her to fuck off and she will got get an abortion. My friend saved my ass. I never heard from that girl again.

    After my job at the fast food place I got a job working for the State in the CPS as a clerk. All day I handled the paperwork, filing, organizing keeping cases together. The things I read everyday made me want to jump off the bridge. Could that stuff be true? I could not believe it. Slowly I started to figure out that some of the officers wrote down clean short sentences and others wrote out alarming accounts. I hate to say it, but the alarming accounts mostly came from minority women. I got to the point of not believing what I was reading. The reports by the experienced officers who were not of color tended to be the truth. People are poor, really poor, and lots of families struggle with the basics. If the mom has to work she sometimes has to leave her kids at home. I was a latch key kid myself.

    By then I was 28 and I decided to try and go back to college. I left my job with the state and got a job as an evening cashier at Albertson's. At college I met this girl, nineteen, home style pretty girl, she was going to college and working part time at Albertson's. I got her off alone one night and I fucked her bad, I fucked her in the ass and made her sleep naked with me. She was just a piece of ass that night. In the morning with all the daylight she was skinny, pretty with small tits but I fucked her anyway. Turns out that she had never been fucked and she got attached. I pushed her away, told her I had other girlfriends, nothing mattered, if I had another girlfriend she would have watched.

    I would have her stand beside me and push her pants down so I could play with her pussy. Her pussy was interesting, especially after I got her to shave off most of her pubes. I taught her that if she bent over I could fuck her pussy that way. If I got my dick up into her ass she breathed hard and took it all in. She really liked getting fucked in the ass. It was the one way that she got aggressive, backed up into me until she felt my dick on her ass and she bent over long with her arms stretched out. She loved it.

    I spent so much time messing with her that I lost out on any other girls at college. She became a good cock sucker, she got good at giving sex, she was always ready. The Honduran girl had tried to trap me with a kid, this girl trapped me by being available. I never did introduce her to another girl because I never had another girl. I got used to her, she wasn't a piece of ass anymore, she was my piece of ass.

    All I am saying is this, you are going to get trapped. This girl has been with me a for a long time now, she is a great fuck, she likes to fuck, she gives great blowjobs and she likes getting it in the ass. I know, it is like a dream come true. And she can cook now, she is a natural. I tell her that she doesn't know what she likes because she has never had sex with anyone but me. She finished college long before I did. She isn't so skinny anymore, she gained a few pounds. She likes to stand naked in the bathroom door and twist and stick her tits out. She likes to watch as I get a hard on, and she comes and gets on and rides down until she has it all in.

    My friend, the one that told me about the Honduran scam, he tells me that she has me and like a fool I fell in love.

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