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    Just read a local story about a young boy being abused by foster parents. It didn't go into specific details but I can only surmise what that 16 year old went through for many years. I was raised by my mother's cousin Fay from 8 up until I was 14. That year I was sent to child services because Fay went to prison for drug distribution. It ended up being the best thing for me. Fay was brutal to me from start to finish and even though she has been dead for many years I still despise every year I was with her. Aside from selling drugs she also used them and I still today question why the courts let her have custody of me. The first two years her husband was still there but they divorced when I was 10. He was also on drugs and I was honestly glad he left since it was not only Fay who beat me but he did also. It was him who first started stripping me and eventually beat my rear naked and Fay went along with it and continued doing it after he left. Once gone she spanked me often always making me undress in front of her. At ten or 11 the spanking was the worse but as I go older the humiliation was more dreaded. I was so intimidated and afraid of her I was like a helpless wimp. If she was really high she made me strip and spanked me for no reason I can think of. Her friend Sonya was there and a few other of her female druggies some nights during the week and more so on weekends. Fay had no problem forcing me to strip naked in front of any one of them and spank me with her hand and most times with a belt. It was so demoralizing for me I don't even remember how many of those drug addicts saw me naked over those years. I don't know if I felt this way back then but am certain today she did these things to embarrass me in front of those women. They were all in their 30's and 40's and I can't recall their names. Sometimes Fay wouldn't let me get dressed having me stand in the corner in the living room and at times 2 or3 of those women were there the whole time. Even when I was 13 and 14 I'd stand there naked crying from embarrassment. They all made remarks about my red ass and often said things pertaining to my genitals as they laughed. There were some nights she beat me so bad with the belt I had welts on my ass for days. She put me over her lap sometimes but also dr**e me over the back of the chair. She pushed my legs apart many times and there were times the belt hit my scrotum cause a lot of pain. Aside from the pain the way she had me bent over was still more humiliating in front of her druggie friends. The best day was a Saturday when the cops came with a warrant. The locked up Fay, Sonya and one other woman and took me to juvenile hall. I later went to a group home and was never treated badly again. I'm not sure how many years Fay was in prison but I never saw her again and found out she died 12 or more years ago.

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