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    Straight Male / 18

    Im having sexual desires to bang my girlfriend.I know i cannot do that before marriage.But she just look way too sexy to me.She would cross her legs and her skirt is so short.i wish i could rip he skirt apart and bang her.I have the urge to fuck her vagina and load all my semen inside her She looks so cute to me.I would love to fuck her day and night and hear her moan.Man,i just want to creampie her so badly.I cant wait for marriage and I can load inside her.

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    You do sound like a horned up kid. Getting married dreaming of getting pussy all the time for evermore isn't realty. Soon playing house gets old. Wifey not in the mood for sex as much. For gawds sake do not get her pregnant you will kiss off even more sex.
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    Until you're married -- find yourself a guy, like me, who loves to suck cock and swallow that nice juice from your balls. I guarantee he'll keep you happy, milking your eager cock whenever you want. If I were you --- I'd hold on to him and maybe expand your love of man sex to include some of his friends. Having a nice cock sucker as a friend will pay huge dividends down the road. If you're lucky -- you might even learn how to suck cock, too. You'll love it.
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    Been married 33 years and the wife still keeps me happy: suck, fuck, stroke, get kinky inoh so many ways...

    If you are getting married for sex, you are a dumbass, what the others say will be true for you.

    I delight in the company of my wife and she enjoys mine--she became my best friend before we were married and after she still is along with being the mother of my children and still my kinky sex partner.

    I grab her big tits and ass all the time and tell he she is a great cock sucker and great fuck. She enjoys hearing it and getting it and I enjoy giving it to her. She has always been hot for sex and is a wild screaming fuck as she cums.

    If the rest of you losers don't have that, then I am sorry you never invested yourself enough to make a sexy hot babe yours and kept her happy.
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    All you guys, including you #3, who have waited till marriage to be able to have sex, have no experience to say if your wife is a kinky or great fuck. Your wife might be a mattress who screams out of pain?

    How would you know when you have experience only from one woman?

    Needing to wait before marriage is cancer for the relationships!

    But, otherwise #3 is right. If sex is only thing you want to get married, have a miserable life, because that is what you will get!

    Before you marry someone, get to know her or him. It matters a lot if you also fuck with him or her at that time, because that will also let you and her know if she or he, or YOU, is good in bed and best of all, if you two have good communication skills, because sex above all else is communication.

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