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    Straight Female / 42

    Hi I feel so guilty about this I have a lovely husband 2 kids.
    So one weekend kids and hubby went to his family I had to work. After work Saturday night a neighbor invited me over to have drinks and a movie. El is same age as me a beautiful blonde. Mac her husband is tall black, muscular but not what I’d call handsome.
    Okay so the night started normally, drinks movie and soon we were all very tipsy... the movie was really steamy I was feeling very horny. Then I noticed Mac had a huge hard on. El noticed me looking she giggled and said “ wanna see?” I said “ ah ah w what?” Before I knew it she had released his thick dark cock.
    All I could say was “wow “ . He whispered “ touch it I won’t tell “ El agreed. So I ran my small white hand down his fat shaft. It felt so silky like smooth hot stone mmmm.
    My pussy tingled, I started wanking him slowly. “ ahhh mmm” he moaned. El said “ that’s so hot “ and she shuffled down opened her mouth wide and engulfed his fat cock head. Mac moaned “ oh yessss ah yes “ as his eyes rolled back. Mac then lifted my top and started sucking my nipples. It was like electric shocks I heard my moans “ mmm mmmm ahhh”
    El sucked faster making loud slurping sounds. It was making me sooooo wet.
    I sped up my hand as he pushed his hand down the front of my panties to my very wet swollen pussy. Ah it felt so good. He circled my clit a little then pushed two fingers in deep.
    Both El and I sped up our duel cock pleasing to which Mac grunted “ ah ahhh mmm” I could feel my orgasm building as I watched Mac groan and thrust into ELS mouth. Mac grunted “ ah here I cum “ I felt his thick black cock start to throb El stop sucking and came up to kiss him as he thrusted his fingers into me I screamed “ fuck yesss oh” as I came his cock pluses and exploded cum all over us. El said oh “ I’m so horny” took off her pants and began to mount that exquisite cock. Stretching her little white pussy wide.
    I had such a guilty feeling come over me and I had to go. They both said they wouldn’t tell.

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    here is my question for you.this was the first time you had a black

    dick and will you go back for more one day.

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