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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am an older male and I wet my pants on purpose. The look as wetness appears at the crotch and then down one leg and the other leg. The yellow puddle forming on the floor. How good it feels. The release. The warmth from the pee.
    The know ledge of how naughty it is. Knowing only naughty little boys who know better wet their pants. Sometimes the bladder is so full.....and the peeing seems to last for wonderful that feels. I admit its naughty and that why I do it. As a child I was spanked for bed wetting and sometimes peeing my pants. I admit I wet my pants now hoping I get spanked. I have been spanked sometimes. I wet my pants so that I will get caught,.....seen doing it. Lets face it, my bare bottom needs to paddled for pants wetting to teach me a lesson.....for punishment.
    A big wooden paddle, a belt, a leather strap smacked hard until I cant sit down for a month. Spanked in front of others for humiliation. I am a naughty pants wetter and I like it. I know and I want to be spanked for it.

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