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    Straight Male / 45

    Met a rather attractive woman when I was on vacation at Palm Beach. We met at a bar at the beach and really hit it off. We decided to take a walk on the beach just as the sun was going down.

    We were quite a distance from the bar when Joan announced she had to pee. Obviously the ocean was right there and that seemed the logical choice. She took my hand and I walked with her into the surf.

    The water was refreshing and suddenly we were standing there making out in the surf. I was really getting aroused and Joan was too. She took my hand and pulled it down between us, then pulling my hand between her legs.

    As we kissed I could feel a sudden warmth, it wasn't the warm ocean water either. She kissed me harder as she peed through the bottom of her one piece bathing suit. She took my hand and pulled it between her legs, I started rubbing her pussy through her bathing suit and she let it go. She practically had her tongue down my throat as I rubbed her pussy as she emptied her bladder in the surf.

    Joan was turned on to the max, her nails clawed the back of my neck as she climaxed and peed into the churning water. I have to admit I was turned on just as much, my cock was stretching the netting inside of my bathing trunks.

    We went back to my hotel room and fucked liked dogs until we fell asleep. The next morning Joan was in the shower and I joined her without asking. With the warm water raining down over us we started making out again, I put my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy.

    She moaned loudly, spreading her legs wide for me. I pushed my fingers into her vagina and told her to pee for me. Just like the night before in the surf, our mouths locked together in a searing kiss. Joan clawed my neck again and then I felt her hot pee flowing out of her like a geyser.

    I fingered her pussy feverishly as Joan peed all over my hand. Joan came even harder than she did the night before. I fingered her until she came two more times, she almost collapsed in the shower from her orgasm.

    By now my cock was rock hard and I turned Joan around and entered her from behind. The water from the shower kept raining down as I fucked Joan savagely, knowing I wasn't going to last very long. I blasted my load into her pussy, both Joan and I moaning with pleasure loudly as I came inside of her.

    We showered and got dressed. Joan told me she always wanted to have a peeing experience with a guy but never had the nerve to ask. Honestly it wasn't something I had ever thought about one way or the other, it turned out to be very exciting I admit.

    I had to leave Palm Beach the next day to return home. Joan and I had sex again the night before I left. We fucked in the bed and we fucked in the shower, once more allowing Joan to have another peeing experience. It was great, I loved it, hated that I had to leave.

    I gave Joan my number, hoping that she can come up and visit me sometime soon. I admit I'm a bit turned on by the golden showers aspect with sex..................

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    There was a gal years ago that worked in our office. We had a brief fling, meeting at a nearby hotel on a weekly basis. She was into golden showers. She got off peeing on me, standing over me in the shower and letting it flow. A quick rinse and I would fuck her in the shower just like you did. Honestly I didn't get anything out of it but the sex was great afterwards.

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