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    Straight Male / 30

    When I was a kid there was a house that had been abandoned for several years. I really don't remember anyone living in the house. One night me and a couple of friends checked out the house, it had already been broken into and vandalized.

    There was a rope hanging from the ceiling and we pulled on it. Dust covered us as we pulled the door downwards, a folding ladder was tucked up inside. We extended the ladder and went up into the attic.

    Pitch black and we had our flashlights only to see by. There was all kinds of junk in the attic, boxes scattered around. We opened the boxes and found clothes, junk, and a box of VHS video tapes. There were no boxes, just the tapes with some faded writing on them. We decided to take a few home and see what movies they were.

    A few days went by before we got to view the tapes. When we did get to see the video tapes we were shocked at what the video's were.

    They were homemade porn tapes. But not the kind of porn me and my friends were expecting to see. A mature woman walked into a room, maybe the living room? She wasn't bad looking at all, she was pretty darn attractive, a few pounds overweight possibly.

    She wore a red robe and she removed it and faced the camera. Me and my friends started to giggle, we had a good idea what was going to happen next. She smiled but it wasn't a happy smile, seemed kind of fake.

    We looked at her ample breasts and her bushy pussy and talked among each other. The woman played with her nipples and kept the same weird smile on her face. We all waited for the guy behind the camera or another guy to walk into view, it didn't happen.....

    There was a loud bark suddenly, we all jumped in our seats and laughed. A big black dog came into the screen and he ran to the woman. She knelt down to pet the dog, we started talking shit and laughing.

    The dog was wagging it's tail and trying to sniff her pussy. The woman really had to fend off the animal that was trying to get to her pussy. We were just about to pull out the tape when the woman suddenly sat on the floor and spread her legs wide open.

    The big dog had his face buried in her pussy instantly! She threw her head back and moaned loudly. We sat there almost frozen, each of us saying "fuck" as we watched the dog licking her pussy like a maniac! The woman put her arms behind her, laying back in a way. The dog wagged his tail faster, the woman no longer smiling. Her eyes were closed as the dog licked her pussy feverishly.

    She bit her lip and within minutes she began to squirm on the floor. We just looked at each other and nobody said to turn it off. There was a male voice off camera speaking, we couldn't make out what he said. The woman opened her eyes and looked passed the camera for a moment or two.

    The woman brought her legs to the side as if she was going to get up. The dog began to bark and jump around like crazy. The male voice shouted to the dog to shut up! The dog froze, his tail tucked between his hind legs.

    The woman turned on her hands and knees, we thought she was going to get up. The dog suddenly went crazy, jumping and making weird noises. The dog sniffed her ass, the man from behind the camera screamed at the dog "NO!" We were all laughing now but our laughter went silent on what happened next.

    The dog cowered quickly but we could tell he wanted to keep sniffing. The guy gave the dog a command and suddenly jumped on the woman from behind. We started laughing because the dog was trying to fuck. Then a male arm came into view and reached under the dog. From the view we couldn't see what actually he did to the dog, that was until the woman cried out. The guy put the dog's penis inside the woman.

    The dog began to fuck the woman and we sat there watching in shock. It was beyond gross and sick but we couldn't turn it off or stop watching. The woman was moaning loudly, the male voice was shouting encouragement from behind the camera.

    I sat there with my mouth open, not believing what I was seeing. Suddenly the woman started shouting "he's cumming!" The dog kept fucking the woman, the male voice ordering the dog to get down. The dog just kept fucking. The woman screaming to get the dog out! The guy came from behind the camera, his body filled the screen as he pulled the dog off the woman.

    The guy shouted at the dog to get out, the dog vanished from view. The woman still on her fours and the camera zoomed in on her pussy. She brought her hands behind and spread her pussy lips. Moments later the dog semen spilled out of her pussy, she actually smiled like she really enjoyed what was happening. At that point we turned off the video and laughed about the video for several days. The other video's went to the trash when I thought my folks wouldn't see them, we didn't want to know what the other video's were about.

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    Years ago a guy from work gave me a few porn cd's. I was expecting the normal fucking but I was wrong. Same thing, they were video's of a dog fucking a woman. I admit I watched it all, and I don't know why? It was gross for sure! The dog fucking the woman until he came inside of her, she showing the cum dripping out of her pussy. The thing that got me was the fact the woman was very attractive, she wasn't some crack whore trying to make a few bucks. Damn!!!
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    Several years ago a video was getting passed around my school of a girl who I shared several classes with getting fucked by a dog. I felt really guilty about it because she was so humiliated but I jerked off every night watching it.
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    Ok I have a sick mind when it comes to sex. Basically I can get off on just about any kind of porn, except c********n, I do draw the line when it comes to that. I have seen those video's a few times with a nice looking woman being fucked by a dog, it doesn't turn me off one bit.
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    I've loved dog porn since I was a 12 year old. My younger sister, 10, was sitting on the couch when our golden lab started licking her legs. As he licked, she opened her legs a bit, showing her flower panties. I think she forgot I was in the room (no one else was home). As Bucky licked higher, she patted her pussy. I was mesmerized. Bucky licked her panties, and then she pulled them aside and he licked her bare pussy!!! This went on for about a minute until she realized I was sitting in the chair next to her. She suddenly stopped, pushed Bucky off, and ran up the stairs.

    I had a huge hard on and started to masturbate (I just discovered the joys of jerking off) when Bucky came over and started licking my balls. I was just wearing gym shorts, so I was "flying free". My sister must have heard me and came back downstairs and just watched me jerk off. I looked at her and she asked if she could touch "it". I was petrified, thinking our parents could come home any second, but said yes. She touched my cock and as I jerked, I moved her hand under mind, so she was actually jacking me off too. I suddenly came, which grossed her out, but her curiosity led her to actually taste my cum.

    As she cleaned me up, I asked her about Bucky, and if this was the first time he did that. She said he first licked her pussy several weeks before and she loved it. She said that he licked her all the time now. I told her that she shouldn't tell anyone and that she should let me watch the next time. She said she loved watching him lick my balls too. She hadn't realized the joys of masturbation yet, but learned shortly after.

    And that began a series of events that lasted through our teen years.
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    We were in a living room with my sister. She was kneeling on the floor when our dog jumped on her back and tried to hump her. Our parents were at home, but not in the living room at the moment. My sister and me have sexual background, and she just laughed and smiled at me when the dog tried to fuck her.

    She had a stockings on, so our dog couldn't had got it in her and she made it quit it soon after. But I remember that short moment because she was making it sexual and erotic when she was looking at me and trying to seduce me but couldn't said anything because our parents were at home.
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    When I was young I live a few miles from my friend's farm. He had me watch some of the women suck and fuck horses and dogs, no videos, the real stuff. I had odd feelings but went to watch it only once.
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    My wife used to fuck our dog all the time she used to tell me about it tried as hard as i could to let me watch but she never got to that point, i did get to watch several dogs lick her pussy,so needless to say i have had the desire to watch women fuck there dogs. If any women out there would want to share there stories on how they got started doing dogs i would be more then happy to read them
    You could email me at [email protected]@@@g***l.**m thank you
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    The email address is wrong do not use it

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