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    Straight Male / 25

    I want to title this "The Mexican"

    I dropped out of college. The truth was that I was doing too much weed and I flunked out, but the story was that you dropped out. I needed to get some kind of job so I got a job as a dishwasher at this diner near campus. I needed move out of the dorm and find a place to stay so the short order cook, The Mexican, said I could stay with him.

    When the diner closed we walked to his place. It was a hotel room with one bed and a small toilet. The Mexican got completely naked and told me to get naked. He had a hard on and he told me to get on his cock and suck him. I wasn't into guys, but he was naked and his cock was rock hard and the light coming in from the window made it look like an old movie and all of a sudden I wanted to suck his cock. When I put my hand on his cock fire went thru me, when I put his cock in my mouth I came in my pants. It was that good.

    Being from New Mexico every girl knows they should never suck a Mexican and they should never let a Mexican fuck them. Being a guy that was twice as true for me. I am not queer or gay, but I have to admit that The Mexican fucked me that night and I sucked The Mexican's cock that night. And in the morning when we woke up he got into the tub with me and sucked my cock and licked my ass and we went out to the bed and he fucked me again.

    At the diner he touched my ass all the time, humped me when he rubbed passed me and we would go back to his hotel room and fuck and sleep naked and I forgot about smoking weed. The whole thing with The Mexican lasted until the end of the semester and I went home and told my parents I wanted to change majors and go to school closer to home. I dream about The Mexican, it is the dream I jack off to. I close my eyes and I can feel his cock in my hand and taste his cock with my mouth and I have a tool I use to fuck myself with and I jack off. Right now I am thinking of how I lay on the pillow in that little hotel room and he kissed me while he jerked me off. I want to be kissed like that.

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