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    Gay Male / 54

    My experience is that being out of town, having a few drinks, late at night people do things that they would not normally do. I have travelled all my career and I am in my mid fifties. A long time ago in Guayaquil Ecuador I sucked my first dick. I was in my early thirties and I was stuck there for a few days and I got friendly with the bartender at the hotel and one night he knocked on the door after he had closed down the bar and asked me if I wanted to go out. We went to several bars he knew and we ended up at this one bar that had a lot of young men drinking and dancing. A young guy came over to serve the table, he was pretty, still no apparent beard, he had on a pair of tight pants, flip flops and a very tight shirt. He spoke in a girly voice and my friend the bartender asked me if I liked him. In any event the bartender paid for him and we took him with us to the bartender's apartment that he shared with two other guys. The alcohol was flowing and the server danced naked on the coffee table and the bartender and his roommates enthused me to suck his dick. I sucked his dick. I found that I liked sucking his dick and the boy got hard and the guys got all worked up and the bartender offered me a bed and I fucked my first queer.

    Of course, today everyone is all about HIV and STDs and everything, but that night getting my dick up his tight little ass was all that mattered. It felt great, it felt great having him naked against me and jerking him and sucking his dick. He was full and he came all over the place.

    Back at my hotel when I was alone I did get to thinking about what I had done, but I was also pretty hung over and fell asleep. I was there only two more nights and both nights we went out, straight to the gay bar and enjoyed having the dancers dance and waive their dick around. There was no rule against touching and for a few bucks you could suck any of the dancers. On my last night my friend the bartender arranged for a line of naked guys to come by, step up have their dick sucked, drink a shot of firewater, suck a dick, drink again until I was pretty much passed out. The last night the bartender spent the night with me and we slept together and woke up with a splitting hangover headache. I disappointed him because I just could not get it going so all we managed to do was suck each other a little. We said goodbye and all, but I never had a reason to go back to Guayaquil.

    On the road I have met many lonely guys, sitting at bars, on trains, on planes. I have been to a whole lot of places and have a good number of good bars to go to and many more times than you would think I get a guy I met on the plane to go out to dinner and then take him to gay bar. There is something about being in a bar surrounded by all that energy that gets a guy to lower his barriers and get his dick sucked. I usually look for a booth where we can sit close together and order up drinks and have our knees and thighs touch. Usually there are lots of other guys kissing and if I can get his dick out of his pants I give him a suck in the booth and he is usually good to go to come up to my room.

    If I am alone I look for young guys who need some money. They get hard and a lot of them are sissy queers that love to get fucked. If I find a man who is traveling I go for the older guy who is alone, if he goes out to dinner he is well on the way to have his first queer experience. So many guys really like to just get naked and share hand jobs and suck each other, others like to kiss and caress or have their buttocks massaged. If they let themselves get fingered then they are receptive to getting fucked. I always have a set of condoms to fuck and carry around a bit of lube to make things easier.

    I am rarely disappointed, I do have my kink and I go to Amsterdam for that.

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