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    Straight Female / 23

    Three weekends ago 2 male friends, 2 female friends, a female co-worker and I went to the Jersey shore which had been planned a month earlier. My boss knew about it and asked me if I would be kind enough to invite his son David, who is 21, to go with us. His son evidently has few friends and has always seemed to be an introvert and not a very friendly guy. He is short, I guess about 5'5" and think it bothers him even though he is built well and is cute. I talked it over with the group and everybody was OK with it. The motel we booked only had rooms for two so David had to get his own room. He was kind of quiet Friday evening when we got there but once he started drinking he became more sociable. Saturday we went to the beach early and stayed for hours and David was pretty buzzed when we got back to the motel. On the side of the motel were 3 outside showers and my friend Heather caught David peeking in at her and saw her naked. Heather wanted to beat the hell out of him but my co-worker Marissa had a better idea. David did apologize but gave her some lame excuse that he dropped a 20 dollar bill and got down to pick it up not knowing she was in the shower. We got a few pizzas and partied in Matt and Jonathan,s room and that's when Marissa started getting David to drink vodka shots. Around 9 o'clock Matt, Jonathan and Mary Ellen decided to go up to a casino in Atlantic City. That left me, Heather and Marissa alone with David who was pretty drunk when they left. Aside from the booze, Marissa got David to smoke some weed which I'm not sure he has ever done much if any before. He was on the verge of passing out when Marissa suggested we take him back to his room. Heather and Marissa had to almost carry him he was so incoherent. We laid him in his bed and just stood there for a few minutes and David passed out. I remember looking at the clock and it was a little past 10:30.

    For the next hour or more I still don't believe the things we did to this guy. Marissa was the mastermind but Heather was only out for revenge. I helped a little but Heather and Marissa had him undressed in a no time. We all were laughing and David just laid there unaware he was naked. His penis is about 3'' soft and we mostly just looked at him at first. Then Marissa took a ballpoint pen off the table and began lifting his penis up with it then Heather took over doing it. We all took pictures of him with our phones even turning him over for awhile. Heather is the one who David saw naked but Marissa seemed to be more offended. She began posing him by opening his legs up wide taking close-ups of his genitals to the point where his rear and anus was visible. Then she decided to try to have him get an erection without touching his penis which none of us wanted to do. She got a wash cloth out of the bathroom and rolled it up then began playing with his penis with the tip of it. It took a few minutes but all the sudden he got hard and we all took turns tickling his penis and balls with it and naturally taking pictures. Marissa who I never realized was so devious then took pictures of him with his phone. We finally decided to leave him alone but Marissa said we should leave a message. She went back to her room and brought her make up bag. And used lipstick on both side of the crack of his ass and then put lipstick all over his penis and balls. Heather took part doing it and drew circles around his nipples. Of course the lipstick, or what was left of it, went into the rash can. David had a red shirt on his dresser and Marissa cut a strip of material off of it and tied a bow around his penis.

    When the others got back from Atlantic city we showed them most of the pictures and the guys couldn't stop laughing. Mary Ellen laughed but was disappointed she wasn't there with us as it went on. Sunday morning check out time was 11 am and when I went out to load the car I noticed David's car was gone. When I went to work on Monday I was a little worried about what David would tell his father. While talkin with Mary Ellen she said its doubtful he would tell his father about it which he evidently didn't. My boss thanked me and Mary Ellen for letting him go with us. Thank heaven David doesn't work in our building and it was last week before I saw him again. I cheerfully said "hi David" and he said hi back but just kept walking. Mary Ellen and I saw him again this past Wednesday and the same thing happened and although he said hi he never looked at us. I know I shouldn't do this but I have shown the pictures to a few friend and my sister. I'm afraid to show them any of the other girls I work with and seriously don't want my boss to find out about it. Matt has told me a few times that if girls did that to him he'd never tell anybody about it especially his parents. As much as it must have embarrassed David when he got up that Sunday I'm sure he would be devastated if he knew we took all those pictures. He must know by now that the pictures on his phone were taken by one of us and there is no way he knows who was in his room. I have about 30 pictures of him but I know Heather and Marissa have many more than I do. He saw Heather naked but we saw him in ways that is more than just naked. I think he is more of an introvert now because it seems like he don't talk to any of the girls anymore.

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    Its illegal to take pictures of people without their permission, especially ones like that. I hope you all get busted, what bitches, geez.

    If 3 guys did that to you, youd be crying your ass off and posting lame ass #METOO tweets. Grow up for Christ's sake, the guy needed some friends.

    I hope your boss finds out and fires your ass.
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    Your boss trusted you to befriend his son and you betrayed not only him, but his son.

    You proved you werent mature enough to be trusted.

    Do you know what empathy is? How would you feel if you didnt have any friends and you were treated like that?

    If you think your actions were justified just because he got a peek at your friend, you are wrong. She shouldnt have been showering naked where she could be seen if she was so paranoid about it.

    He's better off without you if thats how you treat people.
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    What the hell was Heather doing getting naked in an outside shower? Was she wanting someone - but not David - to see her that way? Was she hoping to hustle a few buck for the casino?

    You do know that if David's balls ever drop you're going to have hell to pay. Losing your job will be the least of your worries. Hope you like the taste of his ass.
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    I hope that you and your girl friends get the same treatment very soon! What you did and still doing is far worse than a guy merely peeping on a girl in the outdoor shower.
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    I agree with the other comments. You should be fired, at a minimum. You and your friends are horrible people!
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    When I was young I've participated in stuff with this. At the time I saw it as fair play. Guys always mess with me when I pass out. Unlike David, I was always a good sport about it

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