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    Straight Female / 41

    Not much chance of playing golf today with the wet weather. It didn't matter too much though, as I took yet another lesson with Keiran. He's not exactly the club pro, or and assistant even. But he is a fine golfer at only nineteen, and has over the last eight months been teaching me, helping me improve in all area's of my game. The thing is I don't pay him as such, instead I have him fuck me, something I've been teaching him.
    My husband's too fat, old and boring to think about fucking beyond the bedroom, if and hen he can raise a hard on. Keiran has no such difficulty, as I first found out when he was positioning my legs correctly for a drive in the Virtual golf suite. I felt his erection pressing into my arse and it all grew from there, in more ways than one.
    Within minutes I had the young mans head between my legs and his first attempts at tonguing me were a little rushed to say the least. I spent a whole half an hour teaching him what I liked and how to pleasure a woman orally, with Keiran making me orgasm four times. After my last orgasm I just had to see what he had in his golf shorts and enticed him to take out his cock. He protested at first, telling he had a girlfriend and that my husband was the clubs captain. But I insisted and lusted after his large hard cock once it was free of the material. It took me no time at all to suck in his beautiful dick, and to have him moaning an groaning with pleasure. Keiran even told me I was far better at giving head than his girlfriend and was like a rampant dog when I offered up my pussy for him to fuck. Unfortunately just like a golfer learning how to swing a club, he was rushed and came all too quickly.
    No matter as I had my second lesson the following day, with my husband only yards away about to tee off with his friends. Probably as he was hitting his driver down the first, Keiran was thrusting his young cock deep up my pussy in the clubs pro shop side office.
    ur agreement now, is I don't pay for lessons, and he doesn't have to seek out anyone to teach him all the dirty things he'll need to know in how to keep a woman happy in and out of bed.
    I might not be a faithful wife to my fat balding useless husband, but I am a very attractive horny older woman when it comes to enjoying young cock and teaching them how to fuck me in the right way.

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    47 isn't old.You are doing fine.Let us know more about your exploits with this man and others.
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    Has he came in your pussy yet?
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    You truly must very attractive.
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    whosoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding,he who does so,destroyed his own soul!almost un pardonable sin!
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    mmhmmmm. In your dreams girl. Get over yourself.

    This alleged account has all the earmarks of fantasy writing ; holding no credibility.

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