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    Straight Female / 28

    I am 28. I attended a very prestigious school which has gone feminist mad. I tried the Kool Aid but could not drink it. I was approached by many more women than men while I was there. The men I met there were, well not men. I grew up in small ranching town in South Texas, where a cowboy is a cowboy and woman knows who rides who. But I went there because my mother went there and I graduated with my masters degree and returned home.

    At home I got involved with a woman, a maid in our house, who had a man who beat her up. That much I would not accept and I had my father fire him and get rid of him. When the woman pressed charges I had to deal with the Sheriff. Since I was a kid he had his eye on me and he gave me what for, for those of you who are not from South Texas that means he fucked me and put me down and made sure that I only got up when he gave me permission. a South Texas man doesn't take any shit from a woman.

    His wife heard about him giving me what for and she warmed me about coming down with a kid. A South Texas woman doesn't fuck around either. The Sheriff had different ideas and he gave me what for whenever he felt like it and I came down with a kid. But back to the maid, we showed the judge that the idiot man of hers hit her regularly and he granted her a divorce and he got thrown out of town. You don't beat up your women, if they need teaching you give them what for.

    Everyone in town knew that the Sheriff got what he wanted and knew who's dick I sucked and his wife had to put up with it. In South Texas if a man wants a woman he has a woman, it is just the way it is. I named my kid after his father. I want him to be proud of his father and his father to be proud of him.

    A girlfriend from up East came to see me. She always had intentions on me and she was surprised to know that I sucked dick and had a kid. I told her that I sucked dick when I was in college, but I guess up East girls think that you should eat pussy. That is one of the reasons that I could never drink the Kool Aid. She stayed a week, she met the Sheriff and she met my Dad. And she met the Sheriff's wife. She also met my Mom and she met a couple of my girlfriends growing up. In South Texas you suck dick if you are a girl, if you are guy who sucks dick you get run out of town, if your lucky. You don't want to stay in town. If a girl eats pussy things are different. Everyone goes out and finds a man to give her what for and teach her to suck dick. Anyway that is what it is. In South Texas, at least in my town, a woman sucks dick.

    For whatever reason I can't shake off the girl from up East. She clings on and on and on. I tell her that I am a got woman and I have a man and I have a kid and I am not going to move up East. If anything, I want another kid and she can't give me that. But six years up East made me soft and I can't just run her off. She is like my conscience that just won't let me go. I asked her to come here and live with me in South Texas. Maybe she will find a man to make her happy, if not she will just have to live knowing that I suck a man's dick and I want to have another kid. I just can't eat pussy. She can, but I can't. The most I can do is have her live with me and be my conscience.

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    I can't wait until I am flying over South Texas and throw it a big finger on
    my way to Malibu.
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    To original poster:
    You do whatever you choose. You're a Texas girl.

    To commenter #1 :
    I grew up in So. Cal.
    I moved to Texas in my twenties.
    Geezus, what difference in the women.
    I'll take Texas women over California women any day.

    In So. Cal, the women sleep with their roller blades or their lap tops.
    In So. Texas, in all of Texas for that matter, the women are just as beautiful, twice as naughty, and know happy gland means happy man and happy man means happy woman who can do whatever she wants.

    Go fly over Italy and flip off Asia Argento.
    After you flip off yourself...
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    F*ck you texass rednecks.
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    #3 would die trying. Fool liberali must be some freak q_u_ee_r, afraid of guns of course. To us 'necks, liberals are like a weak, annoying fly.
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    Wish I was raised in South Texas. I like girls that suck dick. I wonder what the masters degree is all about? And she wants to have another kid by sherif! Guess her daddy isnât Eric Clapton. Im gonna take a wild guess and say there is lots of drugs too where she lives. Just my opinion after reading her confession. The way she expressed herself. Buford T here

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