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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    In college I met a girl. Her name is Beatriz but she goes by Bibi. She was a junior like me majoring in business and I was majoring in accounting. She was nice and pretty and always dressed so sensual. Or maybe it is the way she walks. We became study friends and hung out between classes. She was a foreign student from Mexico, the first one I really got close to.

    One Saturday I was at her apartment. She shared an apartment with her older brother who was getting his PhD. She had been sent to take care of him. A Mexico thing. Anyway, her brother and I got along, he was always funny in his way, a bit too macho for any American girl and his sister took care of everything for him. I wouldn't but she did. Except that on that Saturday he started to flirt with her, grabbing her, smacking her butt, putting his hand between her legs, he turned her around and holding her by the tits slowly bent her over and started to hump her.

    She looked at me, her eyes rolling around like there was nothing she could do. She reached around her waist and lowered her pants to her knees and he then let go of one her tits and lowered his pants and walking behind her pushed her against the kitchen table and started to fuck her. Her hands reached across the table until she grabbed the edge and he fucked her until he came. After he got off of her she stayed on the table with her bare back open and he went and got a kitchen towel and pushed it up between her legs and then she stood shoving the towel up inside of her.

    She walked over to me, with her pants and underpants still around her knees holding on to the towel and sat down beside me. She opened her legs and took the towel out and touched herself with her fingers and then pulled her underpants and pants back up smiling at me with this pitiful little smile. Her brother called her to make some coffee for him and she got up to go attend to that.

    After than incident Bibi and I had a very strange ongoing relationship. She became very close to me, calling me all day until I just let her come over and stay with me. We went to her brother's apartment, cleaned up, did his laundry, if he came in and wanted her she let him, but she didn't live with him in the apartment. She started to come over and get in bed with me to talk, and one night she told me that she liked it and before she met me she would go get in his bed.

    We slept together a lot, not every night but a lot of nights. I got used to her close to me, sitting beside me, leaning on me, snuggling up in my arms to sleep. My arms and hands didn't have any place to go except around her and hug her and hold her and one day we were in bed she took my hands and put them on her tits and had me squeeze her tits and fondle them. We couldn't have sex but she fingered herself and masturbated until she came. She turned into my arms and went to sleep.

    This behavior continued until it was normal for me to hold her at night and fondle her tits and she would take my hand and stuff it up in between her legs. I won't say I felt her up, it was her pressing my hand against her. We didn't talk about this behavior, it was like a forbidden thing to say. She never went back to her bed anymore.

    One night her brother came over. We hadn't been to his apartment in more than a week and he came to tell us to go over and clean and do laundry. I got up and fixed him something to eat and told him we would go over the next day but not that night. He had to wait. I was in my nightgown in the kitchen and Bibi was in bed. He grabbed me from behind, I felt his hands clamp on to my tits and I knew what he was going to do. After a few moments I reached under my nightgown and pulled down my panties and let him do what he came for. His eggs got cold so after he was done I cooked some more eggs and served him a plate and let him eat.

    I never refused him, not cooking for him or washing his clothes or giving him sex and when the time came to get married I got married and when the time came I moved with him and Bibi to Mexico where I live. Bibi comes over to see me, to help with the kids. I love to put my arms around her and hold Bibi by her tits, I love to slip a hand down and feel her up. I love to suck on her nipples. We kiss now and sometimes we take our clothes off and get naked. Bibi is never going to get married, she is not that kind of girl. She doesn't need to get married, she knows who loves her.

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    A brainless act --- to perpetuate the immature man's delusion that women are some kind of subservient animal meant to be used by men.
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    Does your husband still fuck Bibi when he feels like it? Has he taken you both to bed at the same time?
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    #1 and #2

    She is not living in mexico. For some reason this fuckhead is making up stories like this all the time and I think he is too stupid to know that people have already noticed it.

    Few months ago in her stories she was always abducted, m****ted and beat into submission to be a breeding cow together with another woman. Sometimes she was abducted and held and nobody would come to seek her. Sometimes it was what she decided to do because she couldn't do anything else (but come to write her story to some stupid porn site! Fetishist are the most stupid people.) But in those stories the male figure were always faceless authority, just like in this story, and the women were breeding cows who took care of him, just like in this story.

    Now he have quit those r**e and abduction stories and instead she makes similar stories, but yet all the men are faceless and emotionless authority and women are breeders and servants.

    All her stories are her fantasy.
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    @@@@ #3 : We comprehend your opinion. 's good we have a fool like you to amazingly do the detective work here. More like, people can draw their own conclusions & perspectives. Look, you are clearly as clueless as anyone else that reads these accounts. Yours is all here_say. You have absolutely no evidence to support your generalizations & alleged conclusions. You can't even make up your distorted mind whether it's a he or she. Next time have a few less shots o' whiskey before you write here. That makes you the genuine fuckhead.
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    I was rubbing my dick while reading the confession because it turned me on. Thatâs all that matters to me.

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