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    Straight Female / 35

    My dad is a gear head. We always had overpowered fast cars. For my sixteen I got a black on black new M3. My brother got a used, but super cool NSX. We went to driving school, he taught us and sent us to racing school. I drove my M3 at 145 on a race track before I chickened out. My brother babies his NSX, it was a collectors car with 13 thousand miles. It was for looking, not for touching. He got dad to give him mom's IS 350 for his daily driver.

    For my 35 dad stopped by with a new Shelby GT 350 for me. I still have my GS 450h for my daily mom mobile. Dad took me out to the speedway to work out the GT's numbers. It's fast, super cool. My husband likes his F 150.

    My little bro has a whopping 15700 miles on his NSX. He bought a super cool BMW 840, low miles. His daily is a company Buick. Nice car for commuting, just can't get you revved up. I'm looking at buying a 1965 Mustang convertible, its got 67000 on it, good condition, needs some body work and my dad's magic on the mechanical. It's cute, for looking not for touching.

    My boys are their granddad's gearheads in training.

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    Amazing confession.

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