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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    The real me, was/is the person who has/d sex every day, most days more than once. I wasn't too fussy which sex it was, or who they were to me either. Both my brothers have fucked me in the past, and one still does fuck me when he's in town. My moms youngest sister was my first lesbian lover. We had an affair which lasted nearly three years from the age of fifteen, only breaking off our awesome sexual encounters because her new job.
    I once sucked my fathers cock, although he was drunk and never recalled that I did it as he lay on the couch. It was his cock that got me fascinated with sex and I soon discovered both of my older brothers liked the look of my titties and pussy. Neither knew for about eighteen months, the other was tonguing my pussy and ass, and fucking me whenever we got the chance.
    My first real outside sexual relationship, was with an older man who my parents owed some money to. I called by his home and worked away the debt with my mouth pussy and ass for nearly nine months. He treated me fine and I enjoyed the sex, even if his cock wasn't anywhere near as large as my brothers.
    After a series of boyfriends who used me wonderfully well just for sex, a woman who's husband was disabled after a severe stroke, took my eye. She lived only yards away from my grandparents home and each day I'd find an excuse to visit her, as well as my grandparents. Sometimes with her husband awake and watching, we'd have sex naked in front of him. He'd get kind of hard, then she'd suck him off, before sticking her face back into my pussy.
    Having a break from sex after she and her husband moved away, I eventually met a younger guy who quite simply has still got the biggest penis I've ever seen. I was twenty two by then and he was sixteen (Just). He told me he thought I was stunning, and if he was older he'd show me what a ten inch cock looked like. I told him he was bullshitting, and that's when he dropped his long shorts. My jaw nearly hit the floor and his cock was still flaccid. Driving us both over to a place I'd had sex numerous times before, I sucked on his mammoth cock, before he fucked me so amazingly well over the hood. I came on his cock countless times that afternoon and continued to screw him for over a year on and off.
    Lots and lots more girl and boyfriends later (Too mnay to mention separately here), I met Ricky. He's a big guy with a huge fat cock, and we fuck as often as he's not away working. We got married after only being together eight months and I genuinely do love him to bits. Only I need my pussy and asshole fucking every day and he's sometimes not around for weeks on end. He knows and understands I need my fix of sex and at the start of our marriage had a mate of his call by to look after me in bed. Only he was a terrible lover and wouldn't lick my pussy and ass, something I have to have done to me.
    I spoke to Ricky about his friend then asked him about his sister. He was a bit surprised I liked his sister, being as she's not the best looking person out there. But Kay has got the best body of a woman I've ever slept with and her pussy, Wow her pussy. She has large labia, but it's her clit that really gets me going as it looks like small cock and I go mad for it each time we make out. I already knew she liked me that way and it only took a word from her brother about keeping me company when he was away, for her to visit and stay over each time.
    The only alteration to Kay ataying over, is when my brother visits once or twice a year. Neither my husband or Kay know he fucks me when he stays, and we work it so Ricky is working away some of the time when he calls by.
    I don't thik my brother and I will ever stop fucking, al I have to do to cemebt my marriage properly, is to let Ricky know about my brother, but it how I tell him. Ricky is fully aware myself and his sister have sex, I'm not too sure if he'd understand about me being fucked by my brother. I will add finally that when my brother does stay over, it's never a loving kind of sex between us and we never ever kiss. My brother gos down on me and I him, then in as many positions as he lasts in, we fuck. It's not making love, we just fuck to release the sexual tension we've always had between us.
    So you can see, I'm not an average normal housewife. Yet I now live as one to all pretense and purpose. Maybe one day my libido will clam down. But then again maybe it won't. I certainly hope not, as I'm having way too much fun to stop.

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    How old were you when you prostituted yourself to the older guy? How much money did you "earn" over the nine months with your mouth and pussy?
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    Enjoy all the sex you can get. It won't last.

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