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    Gay Male / 29

    As a recent graduate accountant I took a job with a major hotel chain and was assigned to one of their resort properties. The controller was a local woman and the other staff accountant was local. It was obvious from the beginning that I was not wanted there. The night auditor, an older Scotsman was the only one that was nice to me.

    I had a room at the hotel as part of my assignment, but there were strict rules about having anything to do with guests. Not knowing anyone and the locals not wanting to have anything to do with me I found myself alone sitting my room and watching local television or walking along the beach front to this small restaurant and ordering the same thing.

    One afternoon I ran into the night auditor. He was at a small restaurant with a friend of his and seeing me alone he invited me to his table. He was off that night and his friend told me that they were going to a party and maybe if I wanted I should come, not go back to the hotel alone. The night auditor was not enthused with the idea but I jumped on it and tagged along. I got in the back seat and we drove to this house. I had never been in the residential part of the island and when we got to the party the night auditor's friend told me he hoped I liked it because I wasn't going back to the hotel until they were ready.

    There were maybe a dozen of people there, no one so young as me, and all locals. All men. Greeting my new friend they complimented him on his new boy toy. The night auditor told me what I knew, this was a gay party and I was on display. If I didn't want to participate to gently say no, but if I did to go for it, I was sure to get laid that night.

    Soon there was porn on the television, all gay porn, mostly young guys sucking and fucking. A man came up to me and asked me which way I swung, he said he got a hard on when I walked in. Wanted to know if I bottomed or topped or both, right then he wanted to top with me. My coworker left me to my own, he didn't help or interfere. I had an arm around me, pulling me down into the sofa in front of the television. He told me not to say no, that was bad manners, after all I was the guest. Turned out he owned the house and ran an offshore fishing boat. His arm was tight around me, the guys on the television were kissing and he asked for a kiss. He leaned on top of me and told me not to say no, remember my manners, he wanted a kiss and wanted me to cooperate.

    He had figured out that I was not where I wanted to be. He told me that everyone had a first time and that night was going to be my first time and my first time was going to be with him. He kissed me, held my face with his free hand and kissed my lips. When I didn't respond to him he got mad and told me to kiss back, I was in his house and I was his guest and I was his for the night. I could see my coworker by the pool with his friend from the restaurant with his arm around him. Some other guys having fun, then one guy fell to his knees and sucked a guy off. The party kicked off and soon there was dancing and men getting naked and getting in the pool and men going off to the rooms, and men kissing and talking and my coworker wasn't anywhere to be seen.

    I got slapped and my host grabbed me hard and told me to get up and he was going to initiate me and I was going to like it. He took me to the master room and took off his shirt and told me to strip down. He was then out of his shorts and he was standing naked with a hard on. He got some lube off the bureau and squirted some onto his hand and started to lubricate his dick. He came up to me and pushed my boxers down and told me to lay back on the bed and open my legs. His fingers lubed me and then he stuck a couple of fingers in me and got on and started to rock on me and insert his dick in me. I got initiated that night and slept with my host, naked.

    I learned to kiss him, he was very oral and loved kissing and have me hold his hand. He gave oral and wanted oral sex and of course he wanted anal sex. I became his toy boy and I became part of the social group. I could lube myself for him and lay back and open up and let him come to me. If I lubed myself then he had me suck him first before he got on. He loved fucking me, both face to face and ass first, usually out in the living room or by the pool. I didn't always have to lube anymore, I could take him without it, lube helped but it felt better without it. We had parties most of the weekends, the same crowd. The only two non locals were myself and the night auditor, but he was mostly local he had been there so long. I learned to like it, to look at other men and wonder what it would be like with them. But I was my host's toy boy, reserved for him. But that didn't mean that he didn't have fun with some of his friends who had been around a long time. When he did I had to wait my turn.

    I am still on the island as Assistant Controller.

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