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    I foolishly got married when I was 22 and it ended after only a year and two months. I hardly dated the next year or two and when I was 24 I developed tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It really upset me for a long time because I always wanted to have a kid or two someday. At 26 I moved to the city and have a great job and nice apartment. That's when I began hanging out at a local pub a night or two during the week and always on weekends. I got to know a lot of the local people and began dating again. Now this is hard for me to admit but I just began sleeping around with guys I hardly knew most of them the bar patrons and a few I met other places. My reputation soon changed from that cute little brunette to Rhea the slut. I never was and still am not into hard drugs but do smoke some weed and do drink often. Between thirty or forty is just an estimate but has to be close to the number of guys I slept with by the time I was thirty. Three years ago is when my insanity became something I'm ashamed of but still participate in. Guys at the bar openly discussed the sex they had with me in front of me and everyone else. Almost everybody at the bar knew I was a whore and I never denied it or stopped going in there. Frankie is the first one who introduced me to two on one sex when he somehow talked me into having sex with him and his friend Russ. We went to Frankie's apartment and from about 2 am until daylight I had sex with both of them often sucking one as the other was having intercourse or anal sex with me. I had no thoughts about them seeing me naked and was constantly aroused having two guys satisfying me. I orgasmed so many times I don't remember how many I had. Once word of this got back to the rest of the guys at the bar it became almost a weekly ritual. It seems like almost every weekend usually after the bar closes on Saturday nights I end up having sex with two guys. I know most of them but there have been quite a few I never knew before. Some are friends, brothers, co workers or cousins of guys I already know. Over the last few years there has probably been a dozen times where there were three guys I had sex with at the same time. I can't think of anything sexual that I haven't experienced over the last three years. Everything from straight and oral sex to sex toys and spankings. Some of the girls at the bar ignore me but a few have asked me why I let this happen and if I truly have fun letting all these guys take advantage of me. The truth is I do and except for a very few times when they were to rough with me I look forward to these weekend romps with the guys. Sometimes they go on well into Sunday afternoon where I am completely exhausted and orgasmed to my limit. I'll be 34 next month and by now can't estimate how many guys I've had sex with. Fortunately my parents, siblings and people I work with no nothing about all of this. I take a train to my job which is about 19 miles away and my parents live over 100 miles from my apartment. I visit my family on holidays and a few other times during the year but when my parents came here a few times I never let them meet anyone from the bar. The only one I ever let them meet was Frankie who I said was my boyfriend and he willingly went along with it. When I'm alone and think of all the sexual encounters I've been in its degrading and somewhat embarrassing. When I'm having sex with a guy or more than one I never feel embarrassed or humiliated by it and honestly crave it. Its so crazy sometimes and I know I have had sex with guys as old as 50ish to guys in there 20's. I know it difficult for any woman with morals to understand this but the sensations and arousal it brings me makes me desire it. It took years for this to develop into what it is now and even I don't fully apprehend why I am so addicted top it.

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    Ever serviced more than three in an evening? Been tied down so they can use you however they want? Had them standing in line for the chance to fuck you? Do you make then wear condoms? Let them use all of your holes?
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    Naturally with a hysterectomy ,you are safe in terms of pregnancy but how about STD's?

    Every pleasure has consequences and sometimes heavy price has to be paid.

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