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    Straight Female / 28

    The real truth of trying to make it,

    I tried being a comedienne. I got some tries, at clubs but the pay was miserable, and I had to keep a full time job at a boring company to pay the bills. I met a guy, and he offered me a place to stay. As to the rent we negotiated a lower rent if I did the housekeeping. Who would think that two people needed that much housekeeping, or that a man is so messy. It was my first experience at taking care of a man. And he never asked me for the rent.

    I went to bed with him, I was doing everything anyway, I did the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, the arranging, he let me decorate the place, I went and got in bed with him because I did everything anyway. His first 'act' on me was to put me under him. I told him I was a virgin and he laughed and he made sure I wasn't. It has always been pretty safe stuff, just once I a while he reminders me that he owns 'that' and I agree with him.

    A year had gone by since I had last done a show. Of course no one was calling me to do a show and I just didn't care anymore. I wanted to get off work and go home and cook something. That occupied my mine, what should I cook for dinner. I bought cook books and tried different dishes and he ate them all, only once in a while telling me that once was enough, he liked spaghetti. I could always fix spaghetti for him. But I liked to cook so I tried all sorts of things.

    My house, I called it my house, I lived there. I didn't pay rent, it was my house. I took care of my house. I kept my house. I cooked in my house. I slept in my house. I talked to a contractor to open up the kitchen into the den, I liked to cook but I wanted to see him when I cooked. I wanted to be with him when I cooked. I found the contractor, I negotiated the price, I had him do what I wanted and he changed the way my house looked and opened up my kitchen so that my den and my kitchen were one big room and he just had to look up to see me cooking.

    We ran into a woman from work, an older woman at the mall and I introduced my 'husband' to her. She looked at me and said she didn't know I was married. I said we were, just the modern way, I was a common law wife. When she left he asked me what that was all about and I asked him to just make me an honest woman I didn't like being a common law wife. I arranged everything, the guest list, the venue, the dress, everything. Picked the date. The cake. I got his approval on most things but I picked it. The best day of my life was when my dad walked me down the isle and I got married for real. It was my dad's best day too, or so he says.

    It isn't a joke either, I mean every bit of it. I am not a good feminist. I like to cook and I love my house and I love my husband. My perfect life is being a full time housewife and I am working on that.

    I made it.

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    That is screwed up. You got married to a guy because he paid the rent. You gave up your dream and started having sex with him, and you still work.

    I bet if your parents would have said you should marry John because we like him and he has a nice house, you would have went off on them.

    Your dad is happy now because since you are married he doesn't expect you to come back home.
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    #1 go fuck yourself and do us all a favor and shut the hell up. Everyone is happy but you. And she was a virgin too!
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    #2 stated what was needed here to #1. #1 is obviously some female, sexist, liberal fool. It's clear she is confused regarding a woman's purpose.

    Now to the poster: It's not written anywhere that ANY gal should be a feminist [spelled SEXIST] in any way, shape or form. THAT is just a ancient concept that never worked in the first place because it isn't natural. What you are doing is natural and is why you feel content. Sexists [feminists??] are NEVER content due to their nagging vigilance. You made the correct decisions. Well done & be happy.

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