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    Straight Female / 22

    My husband's two brothers are both hot and hung. They started fucking me almost from our wedding day. I know that probably sounds terrible but I can't help it. Sorry! I just can't turn them down.

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    He probably knows and doesn't mind/gets off knowing you're getting pounded by his brothers.
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    Why did you marry the brother you married then? It obviously wasn't hotness or dick size. Was he the only one that could keep a job?
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    You need not apologize to us. Enjoy!
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    The problem as I see here is this--you never had the benefit of examining your brothers-in-law's equipment prior to the wedding.You wouldn't have ,in that case,become a family mistress then.

    Thinking about dumping the hubby?
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    I have to admit to similar shit. My husband's dad seduced me. It was easy due to his amazing looks and he is also hung. We do it so often we're bound to get caught.
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    I'd have to agree with Commenter #1.
    The question is, do you get off on him knowing?
    If you do, let him know.
    Then let me know in a response.
    I have some suggestions you two might consider.
    If it helps any, the suggestions are based on experience.
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    I fucked three brothers once (not all at once). One was fantastic. The other two mediocre.
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    Original poster, are they hung better than your husband? Are you craving bigger, or just greedy to get laid as often as possible?

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