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    Straight Female / 47

    I am looking for porn with hot famous dudes with huge dicks fucking frozen chickens and turkeys this christmas. if you know any porn sites that have that let me know. so I can masturbate to them with my tube of goo. never been a lover or sexy hot chick so want to see more frozen chickens fucked. they can crow like a rooster during it at orgasm that might help me cum.

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    You make it sound exciting. I would like to see you in actiin.
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    what are you doing for halloween? porn pumpkins? I have to assume this confession is ment to be a joke.
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    I wonder why it's categorized as Gross.It's simply hilarious.Frozen chicks will definitely have a tight entrance.

    Could you explain what you meant by the statement--never been a lover or sexy hot chick?

    Any woman with nipples and the gate to heaven is sexy hot chick.
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    Seriously, can't find that shit ANYWHERE.

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