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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    When I was in the ninth grade my mom knew I was wearing her lingerie and makeup when she was out on a date.
    My friend over heard her talking to his mother about it and told me. We talked about it and I trusted him and told him everything. He wanted to come over a watch me get dress up and said ok. I took my time getting dressed and putting on my face partly to see his reactions and partly bc I was getting turned on doing it. I finished my makeup and put on a dress and we drove to the bay parking lot and he took out his cock and started stroking it and looking at me. I didn’t mind. It was a dark and private and nobody else was around so we got out of the car and he started to touch me and started treating me like a girl he just met. Well, actually that was the case. When I am dressed feminine I totally change into a girl. We started making out, his hands were all over me and I loved it. I held his cock for the first time and wanted to suck it but knew I should wait for his direction like most girls do. We got in the car and started talking about sucking cock and how good it would feel and I just went down on him. I sucked his cock for only a few minutes,and I knew he was going to cum so I stopped. I wanted it to last so I waited a few minutes thinking I could keep it hard so I could lick it and suck it for,a,long long time but as soon as I put my lips on it, he came all over my face. By the time we got home he was ready again and followed me into the bathroom and stroked it while he watched me fix my makeup. I put on a slutty face with lined lips and dark eye makeup and kept looking at his cock. I wanted it again too then he told me to take off my dress and get on my knees and open my mouth round. Of course I did what I was told to do and he rubbed his cock all over my face and shoved it in and out of my mouth. He was teasing the hell out of me and I loved it. Finally, I got to suck it again and he lasted longer than before. When he finally came, I held my lips tightly around it and felt his cum squirting on my tongue. He finished cumming, pulled it out and squirted the rest on my fucked up makeup. We sat down on the back porch, me still dressed in lingerie and talked for a while before he left. I told him that as long as he kept my secret, I would dress for him and give him all the sex he wanted. Surprisingly, he did and we had good times until he went off to college.

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