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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    A week ago I was driving to a business meeting about 3 hours from my home. I live in a small Pacific Islands country and pretty much know most of the cars driven by expats...I am one myself. I was about an hour out when I caught sight of a familiar 4x4 ahead. There were three cars between us. We drove for a bit then the car slowed and turned off the main road and headed toward the beach. I caught a glimpse of the two men in the car as we went passed. One I knew well but the other was a stranger to me.
    In the few seconds I got to see him I could make out he looked quite a lot younger than the guy I knew who was driving, and had a young surfer look about him. ...the curly longish dirty blonde hair know what I mean.
    I am married, and bi but because this is such a small place only take a man for sex when I travel.
    This little scene immediately aroused my imagination, and my penis which had become rather swollen in my suit pants.
    I decided to go back and take a discreet look. I knew the spot well having stopped to swim there a few times myself.
    I parked my own 4x4 a little way from the beach and walked carefully through the bush towards the beach. I spotted the 4x4 ahead and then saw the guys a little way up the beach, walking away from the carpark. The young guy had taken his shirt off and was carrying it. The guy I knew had shorts and t on. they stopped after a few more feet and both stripped and were nude. They dumped their clothes on the beach and walked into the water. My erection was busting in my pants so I undid the zip and pulled my cock out of my bikini briefs.
    I watched the guys make out standing waist deep in the water, then the young guy turned and backed into the guy I knew who then obviously entered his ass and started fucking him. I started to stroke my very hard cock watching them as they fucked and fucked until my friend let out a groan and I imagine ejaculated into the young guys ass. They made out a bit and then started to swim around. I continued masturbating until I ejaculated.
    Seeing my married friend fucking the young surfer had really turned me on.
    I ran a dozen scenarios in my I just remain discreet and closeted I let my friend know I have seen him fucking a hot young guy and out myself to him? Do I try and start having an affair with him? And so on...
    I tucked myself in and made my way back to my 4x4.
    Then I decided to be bold.
    I undressed and grabbed a towel from the back and walked nude back up the beach a ways and not calling out to him went into the water. The anticipation of what my friend would or wouldn't do really turned me on and my erection returned. I swam a bit then started to look in their direction. They had moved out of the water and were nude on the beach. Either he hadn't noticed me or hadn't recognised me or both. I walked ashore and grabbed my towel. I was nude and semi erect. I put my towel around my neck and walked towards them.
    I got close and heard hey fuck, Tom, what the fuck?
    He stood as I got close. His cock lifted and he didn't try to hide it. Mine became fully erect. Up close the surfer was gorgeous...he stayed lying down...his penis semi erect on his stomach.
    He said to me it seems we have more in common than golf and tennis. He reached down and started stroking my cock. Then he planted his lips on mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. The young guy stood and got close
    rubbing his hands on one each of our ass cheeks. We kissed each other randomly. I knelt and took the young guys cock in my friend entered him and started fucking him again as I sucked his cock. My friend ejaculated and pulled out. I stood and backed my ass into the young guys groin...I felt him ease his cock head into my wanting ass and he fucked me. He ejaculated in me and we all walked into the water.
    Since that incredible event I have had sex with my friend 3 times...each time sucking rimming and fucking each other.
    Awesome to finally have a close lover.

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    I have just been with my new lover ... he read my story and gave me the hottest fuck of my life...

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