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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Third time this week I've masturbated in front of the builders who are working across from our home. Their site and position allows them to see right into our back bedroom, and that's where I like to play with my clit and dildo fuck myself when my husband is away driving his truck throughout Europe. Earlier today was different, as one younger man took out his cock and began to stroke it as I played with myself. Both of the other times, the men have glanced in and shied away. Later on as I shopped in our local grocery store, I saw the young man who went bright red. It didn't stop him saying however "Next time I'd love to swap your dildo for my cock". My husband is away for another two days. I've told the young man I'm going to be alone tomorrow and to call by on his lunch hour.
    He said he will, we'll see if he's got the balls to fuck a real woman like me.

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    I would like to hear about it if he fucks you. Maybe he will bring his work buddies
    18 days ago
  • 2
    Back to what #1 said, are you ready to handle each of them in turn? Because there is no way in hell he won't tell all the other guys on the team about the slut next door. Don't be surprised if his mates all drop by over the course of the afternoon and you end up with cum in all of your holes.
    18 days ago
  • 3
    Keep us posted and be sure about becoming a mistress of the builders and later caught by your husband.

    You might rock your wonderful marriage.
    17 days ago
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    Sounds more like your cheating twat than your cheating heart.

    You going to come back and tell us about it when the lad visits to get your married pussy?
    17 days ago
  • 5
    I had sex with the contractor whom built our house. I would go by after work. He would stay after other workers went home. My first standing sex, I loved it.
    17 days ago
  • 6
    #5, multiple times? Did he use you roughly?
    17 days ago
  • 7
    #2,With one particular hole aching terribly.
    16 days ago
  • 8
    Looks like one or the other chickened out. No follow up, must not have happened.
    16 days ago
  • 9
    Iâm #5. We had sex approximately 10 times. It was hard sex but not rough. I was very satisfied each time. I let him climax were he wanted which was usually inside me.
    5 days ago
  • 10
    #9, Did you blow him? Swallow?
    5 days ago

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