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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    My wife has a friend that has come to several of our events plus vacation. She is a married woman whoâs husband and kids did go on vacation with our family. There is something about her that drives me crazy. She just a plane Jane girl that makes me hard when Iâm around her. When we was at the beach her top was a little lose enough I could see her nipples. She kept doing it every time I seen her. One day when I had to work and they stayed at the beach when, I seen her bikini bottoms laying on the counter drying, so I took them into the bathroom and jerked off in the area where her pussy would be. I want to fuck her so much I canât stand it. I am working it up to still her panties when I go back around her I canât wait.

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    The questions are:

    How will you catch her alone? What if she talks to your wife or /and her husband? What if you get her and the husband wants you dead/ your wife in return? Are you ready for these possibilities?
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    Hopefully they wonât find out. Iâm so sexually attracted to her.

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