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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed sticking many different things up my ass. I started at a very young age and still enjoy anal penetration and fucking myself with all sorts of things and an occasional real cock when I get the opportunity to spread my ass open to take a nice big long hard cock up my ass. I enjoy getting fucked outdoors way out in the woods. I like to take my toys out in the woods strip off naked shove some lube up my ass and spend hours fucking myself hard and deep in the ass and really enjoy eating my own cum when I get really turned on from a very long hard deep fuck.
    I shared this with my cousin when we were 9 or 10 years old and he thought I was crazy but wanted to see me do it so I let him watch me stick this little plastic tube up my ass. We were in the bathroom while no one was home but he and I. He watched a minute or so then took over using his hand to work the tube in and out of my ass and he got so excited he began to rub his dick thru his pants and I was watching him in the mirror. He started trying to get his pants down and as soon as he did he touched his dick to my ass and shot his small warm load in the crack of my ass then with the tube still in my ass he grabbed my hips and humped my naked ass like crazy.
    While he was humping me he asked me if it felt good and of course I told him it felt very good and for him not to stop unless he wanted to. Next thing I hear him say is "Let me stick it in your butt" I really never said yes or no and just let him do what ever he wanted to do to my ass all the while hoping he would stick his dick in my ass. He pulled the tube out and began trying to penetrate me and with a little help from me spreading my ass open he put his dick in my asshole and fucked me for a little while and I watched his face in the mirror as he shot his warm little load up my ass.
    After that we were both hooked on ass fucking and he fucked me all the time for years and a lot of times he fucked me several times a day when we could and he always came in my ass and it felt very good. In high school he talked me in to letting his two best friends fuck me in the woods late one night and once things got started it was great and the three of them fucked me most of the night and shot a huge amount of cum in my ass. After that night the three of them fucked me all the time and I got used to having one in my ass and mouth quite often and after some practice they DP`ed me often getting two dicks in my ass at the same time and I took hundreds of loads in my ass over the years.
    I have managed to keep this a very private secret over the years. The only ones that know are the ones I have let fuck me. A few were just one time things and a few were more than once. I have had a few married friends that were curious and I let them fuck my ass and we had oral sex also. I worked with one Hispanic man that was bisexual and had a bi cousin that I met with several times when we could. Both were very large me with huge cocks and they shot very huge hot loads up my ass many times.
    One time when I was out of town working and drinking in a very up scale bar in my Hotel I got pretty drunk and let a nice looking black man go up to my room for the night and I could hardly walk the next day. He fucked my ass multiple times with the biggest cock that I had ever taken in the ass and he came in me several times and even fucked me tied to my bed face down and took a video of his huge black dick fucking my ass and his cum pouring out of my asshole. When he left the next morning he told me if I was ever back in town he could invite a few friends if I thought I could handle a black gang fuck. I never went back but have always wondered what it would have been like to let a group of black men gang bang me.
    I have always enjoyed anal penetration and getting fucked and some times enjoy fairly large cocks or other objects in my ass. I am fortunate to have a fairly long cock and I like sticking it up my own ass and fucking my self with my own dick and shooting my load up my ass sometimes several times. I enjoy the feel of cum shooting up my ass and feeling it run out of my ass and that slick warm feeling in the crack of my ass. I can take very long thick toys up my ass if I go slow and several times have take 14+ inches up my ass. I have let women fuck me with strap on toys many times and have done some things I would not share with any one. The best times ever was back in my early years getting gang fucked by my cousin and his two friends. They all used to get on top of me with their hard dicks and fuck the hell out of me and cum in my ass many times and I liked being used and filled with cum any time they wanted me.
    I let them r**e me tie me up and fuck me be rough with me and let them cum in me at both ends at the same time when ever they wanted to. I am happily married now and have been for years and at times my sexy wife loves to strap it on and I let her fuck me any way she wants to. How ever I enjoy anal play by myself and enjoy and occasional well hung male that enjoys fucking my ass and dumping a load or two in my ass.

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